Who Wears Short Shorts?

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Let’s not beat around the bush here. Walking around campus, it is almost impossible not to notice those toned legs, massive thighs, and boy-oh-boy those short shorts. Yes, we’re talking about the Rugby guys; the Sport Club Rugby Team.  Why short shorts? Is it just a Rugby tradition? Is it to show their fitness? That might have something to do with it, but in the sport of Rugby more fabric reduces an athlete’s flexibility. And, don’t worry about teasing the Rugby guys about it. They are all about the short shorts!

How is it that the team stays so fit? This year the team has a new coach (Rugby lingo: 7s Coach). He’s got the team doing stuff like flipping 750 lbs tires, incorporating wrestling, and most importantly, providing a nutrition program.  “The difference speaks for itself as we are a lot more conditioned then we were last year,” says Ari Flink (sweeper) 2nd year.

The new fitness regimen is paying dividends.  Our Rugby Sport Club team won 4 of 4 games at Sac State Sevens National Qualifying Tournament! For most of us who don’t know Rugby talk, this was a HUGE deal! The tournament invited the best Cal State Universities to claim the title for best Cal State team. And Aztecs dominated! Sonoma State 26-5 , Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 27-7, Cal State Fullerton 43-0, Sac State FINAL 28-12.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo was their biggest competition. The score was 5-7 at half time with SLO in the lead.  SDSU came back with a vengeance and ended the game with a score of 27-7. Winning this tournament qualified our team for the national championships which is taking place near the end of the school year.

Good luck at Nationals!

Keep killing it boys!

Article by: Reyanne Mustafa








You Are What You Drink

 Liquid Calories Can Pile on the Pounds


With the summer heat not too far behind us, it seems like reaching for your favorite ice cold beverage is the best way to cool off. With bright neon colors, promising sport performance enhancing taglines, and hipster-looking logos, make sure you think twice before taking another sip out of decorated sugary drinks.


Sweet-n-Low (R), Equal (R), Splenda (R)
Artificial sweeteners are food additives that are non-caloric or non-nutritive, meaning they have almost no calories and no nutritional value.

Recent studies have shown that when it comes to gaining weight, it may not be “you are what you eat” so much as “you are what you drink.” Sodas, sugary iced teas, and sports drinks may be piling on the pounds.


Beverages can be especially tricky in causing weight gain. When you drink sugary beverages, you do not feel as full as if you had eaten the same calories from food. Additionally, studies show that people consuming sugary beverages don’t compensate for the high calorie content in these beverages by eating less food let alone consider damaging health effects of sugar.


If you were to drink just one can of a sugar-sweetened soft drink every day (approximately 150 calories/day), and not cut back on calories elsewhere, you could gain up to 5 pounds in a year. Result: extra calories equal eventual weight gain.

you are hwat you drink photo

If you can’t give up your soda or sweet tea, you may wish to switch to the diet version. Although these are not the best choices to drink regularly due to the amount of artificial sweeteners in them they are a start to ease oneself off of the regular version. Here are some simple switches to help keep the pounds from piling on:





  • Regular Gatorade: 80 calories and 21 grams of sugar per 12-ounce serving
  • Switch to G2 by Gatorade: 30 calories and 7 grams of sugar per 12-ounce serving



  • Regular vitaminwater: 120 calories and 29-32 grams of sugar per 20-ounce bottle
  • Switch to vitaminwater Zero: 0 calories and less than 1 ounce of sugar per 20-ounce bottle


Arizona Iced Tea:

  • Regular Kiwi-Strawberry flavored Arizona Iced Tea: 110 calories and 25g of sugar per 8-ounce serving
  • Switch to Diet Lemon flavor: 0 calories and 0 grams of sugar per 8-ounce serving


Starbucks Bottled Iced Coffee Drinks:

  • Starbucks Bottled Caramel Frappuccino Coffee Drink: 200 calories and 32 grams of sugar in a 9.5 ounce serving.
  • Switch to Starbucks Low Calorie Coffee + Milk: 50 calories and 3 grams of sugar in an 11-ounce serving.


By: Bailey Madnick, CHES, Graduate Student Assistant for Health Promotion


To find out more visit:


Harvard School of Public Health- Sugary Beverages



California Department of Public Health- Sugar Sweetened Beverages



Gatorade Nutrition Information:



Vitaminwater Nutrition Information:



Arizona Iced Tea Nutrition Information:



Starbucks Nutrition Information:




Amazing Race? Nah.. it’s all about SDSU’s Adventure Race!

The Adventure Race combines five facets of exercise including rowing, running, climbing, swimming and a fitness challenge.  We will incorporate equipment in our new ARC Express facility for our FiAdv. Race Group Phototness Challenge.  Athletes will register in teams of three, with each athlete competing in two events.  Teams will be awarded points for the number of laps they swim, miles they run etc.  The teams with the highest points at the end of the race will receive prizes.

This event is a collaboration of Intramural Sports, Aztec Adventures, Aztec Rec Fitness, Men’s Rowing Club and our Aztec Aquaplex.  The Adventure Race was a big success last year and is gaining some great momentum.

Cost =  $45 per team by April 7th, $60 per team after April 7th

Time = 9am- 2pm

Lunch= Included

How/when to register = (register your team online at dosportseasy.com/sdsu and pay for your team at the membership desk inside the Aztec Recreation Center)

website: https://www.dosportseasy.com/sdsu/schedule.php?sport=Adventure+Race

Last years runner ups!
Last years runner ups!
Last years winners!
Last years winners!


Mix up your old workout routine and get involved in a Recreation Class through the ARC! Judo begins on October 15th, so you have plenty of time and no excuse not to be there! This class is held from 6:00 – 8:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10/15 – 11/19 in the Mat Room of Peterson Gym.

This beginning study of grappling Martial arts is a great workout and introduction into traditional Kodokan Judo. There is a heavy emphasis on practical Judo/Jiu Jitsu as well, since the instructor, John Ramos, is a fourth (Yodan) degree Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu. These weekly classes will also grant students experience with command and control techniques derived from the art of Dumong, a traditional Filipino style of wrestling.

Judo 1

Rec Class Lead Aimee Orozco had the opportunity to speak with Sean Papenhausen, a dedicated Judo student about his experience with this form of martial arts and recreation classes through the ARC.

1.) Are you an SDSU student? If so, what year are you and what is your major?

Yes, I am a junior at SDSU and I am majoring in Environmental Engineering.

2.) How many semesters have you participated in the ARC’s Judo Rec Class?

I have been a member of the Judo Rec class for six semesters.

3.) Why did you choose Judo over all of the other Martial Arts?

I chose judo because it teaches the fundamental skills involved in all martial arts; balance, timing, and how to defend against or redirect an opponent’s movement.

4.) Have you made new friends/relationships/connections because of the class? Please explain.

Yes, since I joined the class I have gone to several tournaments including a Karate tournament in Ocean Beach were students of many different art forms compete in a sparring match where you earn points based off of how many times you strike your opponent. I met people from many different areas, some of which had even been international competitors and had participated in the Olympics.

5.) What is the most rewarding part of Judo?

I find that the most rewarding aspect of participating in judo is the level of confidence I have in myself. Since I started, I no longer fear speaking and/or interacting with other people and I can even speak in front of large groups of people, an action that I had previously thought impossible.

6.) What is your current belt ranking? Have you moved up in your time at Rec Judo?

I started out from scratch, having no experience in any form of martial arts and have since received the rank of Son Que Brown. In another few months I hope to achieve the next rank.

Judo 3

Interview By: Aimee Orozco
Photos By: Jared Kebler
Article By: Kayla Heaviside

Welcome Week Event Recap

Summer 2013 went by in a flash, but luckily we were able to kick-start the new school year with some awesome events at the Aztec Recreation Center and the Aztec Aquaplex to ease the transition back into school-mode!

The ARC started off the year with a bang at the annual ARC ’til Dark event on Sunday, August 25th. This yearly event is held in the gym and showcases a variety of on campus clubs and sports teams, giving new students a multitude of ways to get involved and have fun during their time as a student here at SDSU.

The ARC ’til Dark featured a live DJ, hundreds of boxes of free pizza from sponsors such as Woodstock’s, Milo’s and Papa John’s. We also had Shake Smart in house handing out samples of their awesome protein drinks, while KIND Bar was here giving away free samples of their tasty granola bars. Pita Pit was feeding hungry students with cookies and sandwich samples as well. With so many great food vendors offering free samples, it was near impossible to walk out of this event feeling hungry!


To go along with this year’s tropical theme, the ARC brought in a mechanical shark that drew quite the crowd. Students lined up to each have a go and see how long they could stay on this turning and spinning monster, only weeks after Shark Week too!

Perhaps the biggest draw of the ARC ’til Dark was the second annual Slam Dunk Contest. This contest showcased 11 different ARC members who used their hops to show off their best dunk for our panel of judges. The judges were Aztec Basketball legends Tim Shelton, DJ Gay, Chloe Johnson and last year’s reigning champ, Tali McLemore. The contest was hosted by A.S. President Josh Morse and ARC Marketing Lead Blake Pinsker.


The contest consisted of three rounds where each contestant had 45 seconds to wow the judges with their best dunk tricks. Contestants were eliminated each round, with the third and final round showcasing the top five dunkers. Tim Patrick took first place and secured himself three months of free membership at the ARC!


Aztec Recreation kept the fun going the following Friday, August 30th with the annual Aquaplex Pool Party! This event also had a live DJ and mountains of free pizza from Woodstock’s and Milo’s. Aztec Recreation welcomed all SDSU students to come kick back, tan, eat, listen to music and play in the many pools at the Aztec Aquaplex. For those brave enough, there was also a dunk tank that allowed participants the opportunity to dunk their friends if they were able to throw a ball at the target.


We had a blast at these events and hope they got the school year started in a great light!

Make sure to come by for our next event, an Open House at the ARC on Wednesday October 23rd!

By: Kayla Heaviside

One Love Foundation Goal-a-thon 2013

The mission of the charity is to end relationship violence through education and technology. Donations made to the charity go towards building awareness of One Love’s core values and education about Relationship Violence. More information can be found at  www.joinonelove.org
The mission of the charity is to end relationship violence through education and technology. Donations made to the charity go towards building awareness of One Love’s core values and education about Relationship Violence. More information can be found at http://www.joinonelove.org

The One Love Foundation was established in 2010 by Sharon and Lexie Love, as well as additional family and friends to honor the memory of Yeardley Reynolds Love. The “One” represents the number Yeardley wore on her jersey during her high school and college lacrosse career. The number has since been retired by the University of Virginia in her memory.

Mission: End Relationship Violence through education and technology.

To support the One Love Foundation, SDSU Lacrosse Teams will be holding a Goal-A-Thon for the following games:
SDSU Women vs. USD- March 20, 2013
SDSU Men vs. Cal Poly- March 23, 2013


Be 1 for Change Campaign
The “Be 1 for Change” campaign was launched in the fall of 2012. This long-term initiative will continue to develop over the next several years in partnership with the Michael and Kim Ward Foundation, and Johns Hopkins University. Be 1 for Change is a signature program for the One Love Foundation, with the goal of combating Relationship Violence throughout the United States.

Relationship Violence Statistics

-One in every three women will experience IPV (Intimate Partner Violence) in her lifetime and one of five college females will experience some form of IPV during her college career (2).

-Approximately 4.8 million women are victimized by intimate partners annually (3).

-Researchers continue to find a disturbingly high rate of physical and sexual victimization of women by intimate or ex-intimate partners on college campuses, indicating that college campuses constitute at-risk communities for women (1).

-One of the most widely recommended interventions to prevent and respond to intimate partner violence is safety planning (1).

-IPV results in an estimated 1,200 deaths and 2 million injuries among women annually (3).

-Researchers continue to find a disturbingly high rate of physical and sexual victimization of women by intimate or ex-intimate partners on college campuses, indicating that college campuses constitute at-risk communities for women (1).

[1] John Hopkins University School of Public Health & School of Nursing
[2] National Institute of Justice and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention
[3] Centers for Disease Control

SDSU Lacrosse Charity Goal-A-Thon

How it works:

It is similar to a walk-a-thon at a school. The idea is you sponsor one or multiple teams for every goal scored. For example, if 100 goals are scored and you are sponsoring a $1/goal, then donate $100. You can also sponsor other stats, such as assists, goalie saves, face offs/draws won, ground balls, or penalty minutes.

*For our records please email Charlie Jackson (ctj24@sbcglobal.net) for your Goal-A-Thon pledge.

Subject line: One Love Goal-A-Thon
Name: John Smith
Team Sponsored: SDSU; USD; Cal Poly; or ALL
$/Stat: $3/Goal, $1/Save
Maximum Cap: Please specify if there is a maximum amount you would like to cap your donation
Contact number: 222-333-4455
The goal-a-thon will work in one of two ways:

1) Sponsor a single game.
*Pick which game you want to sponsor, specify one or both teams, and pick a stat or stats.

2) Sponsor both games.
*Specify one or both teams, pick a stat or stats.

After the games, you will receive an email letting you know your total donation and directions on how you can make your donation; if your donation is more than $250 it is tax deductible and you will receive a letter from the foundation. Please make checks out to ‘The One Love Foundation’. If you have any questions, feel free to email Charlie Jackson (ctj24@sbcglobal.net)