Small Actions Lead to BIG Changes.



Give yourself a pat on the back Aztec Recreation Members! We did it!!

Since the declaration of the California Drought, Aztec Recreation set a goal of using significantly less water these past few months and we did it! We crushed our goal of using 30% less; this May you helped us surpass our expectations of 49% less!

155,584 gallons May ’14

307,428 gallons May ’13


Due to members being more cautious by taking shorter showers, reporting water waste and reduced towel laundering we were able to reduce by almost 50%. We thank you for all you’re doing here on campus and at home to help conserve water.



This just proves every drop counts and so does every action to preserve it. Let’s keep this winning streak up throughout the school year!


Article by: Reyanne Mustafa

Welcome Back Pool Party



 Sunshine, pizza, music and good company. No, we are not describing heaven- we are describing Aztec Recreation’s Annual Welcome Back Pool Party!


We are hosting the pool party at the Aztec Aquaplex and Pool party overview pic
we invite you to cruise on by to enjoy the first weekend back with us.


Friday, August 29th
2-5 PM
Located at the Aztec AquaPlex (across from
Chapultepec Resident Hall)
*No outside food or beverages is allowed.
Free to all SDSU students
Non-members please bring your Red I.D.

Aztec Rec Goes… Birthday!


When it comes to kids’ birthdays, there’s nothing they love more than being at the center of everything. It can be hard to find the best options with affordable package prices. Lucky for you we have narrowed it down to San Diego’s  top choices. Aztec Recreations kids’ birthday party packages offer an array of awesome interactive and fantastic game choices to make sure your child’s birthday celebration is truly special – and our recreation team will take care of the details. Besides our affordable prices, what differentiates us from our competitors are the unique options we provide. We have it all from game lovers, activity seekers, beach goers, to pool loungers.  Provided below are some of the party options we offer this summer and year-round here at Aztec Recreation. Aztec Lanes

If bowling, pizza, music, billiards and table tennis sound like your idea of the perfect kids’ birthday party, you’re in for a treat. In addition to bowling with a huge group of your family and friends in our BRAND NEW bowling plus games facility, you’ll get plenty of time to celebrate the big day. Along with the many options of activities to do, you can take a break and enjoy some Oggi’s Pizza right next door. Call: (619) 594-2695 or (619) 594-6559. or Click here to reserve your party today:




Mission Bay Aquatic Center
If being outdoors and active is your style, Mission Bay Aquatic Center has plenty of options for you. Whether you want to challenge your skills trying something new or want to engage in something familiar we have it all. With the wide variety of packages to choose from, there are many options to suit your children’s ages, needs and your budget. Some of our picnic packages include: Kayaking, Paddling, Sailing, Tubing, and more.  We provide lesson style events which are great for first time participants. If you are looking for more interactive learning experiential programming we have offerings such as a Stand Up Paddleboard Tour, Learn to Surf Party, or even a Moonlight Paddle! Call: (858) 488-1000 Click here to see package details:



BasketballBoys copy (1)Aztec Aquaplex-

 It’s POOL PARTY season!! An excellent idea for groups up to 20, this kids’ birthday party package invites you and your guests to swim, laugh, and celebrate right here on campus. We’ll provide the private celebration room and interactive games!  The children love our warm zero-depth entry recreation pool. Your party can opt to participate in our lifeguard-led games while you enjoy this amazing aquatic facility. Customize your party with a theme and festive decorations. Kick back, relax in the sun, and enjoy yourself with an affordable stress free birthday package Visit or Call: (619) 594-7946 to reserve today:


Grads! Be Smart and Keep your Low Current Membership Rate!


iStock_piggy bank

Have you ever wondered where you’re going to work out after you graduate? With all the free time that’s going to be opening up in your schedule (time that you used to spend cramming for those midterms, hours writing those tedious research papers, and countless days recovering from lost amounts of sleep) you can now spend at the ARC, bowling at our new Aztec Lanes, taking a dip at the Aquaplex, or any of the other facilities that come embedded within your Aztec Recreation membership- reaching your fitness goals you always wanted to get but instead got bombarded with first priority school work.



Did you know you can keiStock_did you knowep your current low student membership rate here at Aztec Recreation each month. Instead of paying the normal membership rate of $39 a month, you get to KEEP your current LOW student rate. Don’t miss out on your chance to keep these rates the same. No hidden fees no hassles .
Once an Aztec always an Aztec!



Aztec Recreation membership includes:


Article by: Reyanne Mustafa

Become a Secret Shopper!

iStock secret shopper 2What is a Secret Shopper you may ask?

The secret shopping program assists Aztec Recreation deliver great customer service in all our facilities: ARC, Aquaplex, ARC Express, Aztec Lanes, MBAC, Tennis, Racquetball and Track.   Every month each one of our secret shoppers receives a scenario to report on.   By the end of the month, the shoppers return the report to the Aztec Recreation marketing office via email.


Do I get paid? How does this work? 

In exchange for participation in our Secret Shopper Program, we provide members with a FREE monthly membership.  Ideally each shopper joins the program from one year and is available to participate in the wide range of activities offered in Aztec Recreation.


We are looking for members who are:

  •    conscientious
  •   objective
  •   observant
  •   good at written communication


If you possess those skills and are interested in joining our team of secret shoppers, please contact Aztec Recreation Sales and Marketing Lead, Blake Pinsker, 619-594-1167.

Amazing Race? Nah.. it’s all about SDSU’s Adventure Race!

The Adventure Race combines five facets of exercise including rowing, running, climbing, swimming and a fitness challenge.  We will incorporate equipment in our new ARC Express facility for our FiAdv. Race Group Phototness Challenge.  Athletes will register in teams of three, with each athlete competing in two events.  Teams will be awarded points for the number of laps they swim, miles they run etc.  The teams with the highest points at the end of the race will receive prizes.

This event is a collaboration of Intramural Sports, Aztec Adventures, Aztec Rec Fitness, Men’s Rowing Club and our Aztec Aquaplex.  The Adventure Race was a big success last year and is gaining some great momentum.

Cost =  $45 per team by April 7th, $60 per team after April 7th

Time = 9am- 2pm

Lunch= Included

How/when to register = (register your team online at and pay for your team at the membership desk inside the Aztec Recreation Center)


Last years runner ups!
Last years runner ups!
Last years winners!
Last years winners!