Take Your Workout to the Water!

SUP Yoga on beautiful Mission Bay!
SUP Yoga on beautiful Mission Bay!

Do you feel like your workout has fallen into a rut?  Have you stopped looking forward to going to the gym? Are you bored of using the same treadmill or doing sit-ups on the same mat every week? How about taking your workout to the water? The Mission Bay Aquatic Center, an Aztec Recreation facility located in Mission beach, has several classes to help breathe life back into your workout and get you excited about exercising.

Stand Up Paddling is an example of a fun and effective way to combine core strength with cardio. This dual workout technique works to increase your heart rate and help get you faster results! We offer four types of Stand Up Paddling classes: Stand Up Paddling-Basic Skills, SUPcore Yoga, SUPcore Fit and SUPcore Train. For first time paddlers, Basic Skills is a great class to get you comfortable with the equipment! You will learn proper stroke technique, steering, standing position, etc. all while touring Mission Bay.  Our SUPcore Yoga class takes your yoga practice outside and onto your paddleboard, all while challenging your flexibility, balance and focus. SUPcore Fit is a fun way to get in a rigorous full body workout. Starting with a warm-up paddle, this class will lead into exercises working every major muscle group in your body. Finally, SUPcore Train is the perfect course for those interested in SUP races. This class will improve your long distance paddling, get you moving with a soft sand run and sharpen your interval paddle strokes. To view a current class schedule click here (http://www.mbaquaticcenter.com/stand_up_paddling.htm)

For those of you who are short on time, the Mission Bay Aquatic Center also offers Stand Up Paddleboard rentals. This is a great way to utilize the facility whenever it is convenient for your schedule and still get a chance to change up your workout. These 2 ½ hour paddleboard rentals include your equipment, a life preserver, and for first timers, an orientation to get you all set up and paddling correctly.  For current rental rates click here (http://www.mbaquaticcenter.com/rentals.php )

Make sure to change up your workout to make it fun and exciting every time. Visit the Mission Bay Aquatic Center today!

Make a Splash!

Water fitness classes are a great way to enhance and change up your work out routine this summer!
Make a splash of excitement this summer at the Aztec Aquaplex! The Aquaplex gives you the opportunity to mix up your old workout routine, improve your swimming technique, lounge by the pool, play a game of tennis, or celebrate any birthday with a private party at our beautiful facility!

Group fitness classes are free with ARC membership. If you are searching for a challenging cardiovascular workout, try a water fitness class at the Aquaplex. This fun, low-impact workout utilizes water resistance in order to focus on strength training and toning of all major muscle groups. Our water fitness classes are the perfect way to get a workout in while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of summer in sunny San Diego. This class is high-energy, and provides a vigorous and challenging full-body workout to members of all ages and fitness levels. Water Fitness classes are being held Tuesdays at 5:30 pm and Sundays at 11:00 am, through Tuesday, August 7th.

The Aquaplex offers adult swim lessons of all levels. Whether you are a beginner looking to build confidence and comfort in the water, or a seasoned swimmer looking to increase your swimming distance and refine your stroke, we have the perfect class for you! Plus, private swimming lessons are available for adults or youth looking to work with an instructor on specific swimming goals.

Families can enjoy all of the amenities the Aztec Aquaplex has to offer this summer through our family membership program. For a one-time payment of $125, families can take advantage of the Aquaplex facilities during set family-swim hours each day! The family membership program is currently running and will end on August 24th.

Youth swim lessons are also being held all summer long! The levels range from parent/tot classes to level 5/6 classes that are geared for children up to age 12. Children ages 7 through 17 will also enjoy our beginning diving classes that take place on our three diving boards!

Make sure to celebrate your next birthday the right way, with a summer birthday party at the Aquaplex! Our summer birthday party package includes two hours in a private party room with tables and chairs to accommodate all your guests, and access to all Aquaplex facilities! For a small fee, you can choose to add even more fun to your party with lifeguard-led water games!

The Aquaplex facility also includes twelve tennis courts that are open to members most evenings. Private tennis lessons are offered for anyone looking to get in shape, to improve their game, or compete! One-on-one instruction will help players of all levels reach their goals. These private one hour sessions are great for all ages and skill levels.

By: Kayla Heaviside