Debunking Stretching Myths with Matt Dawson.

May 13, 2015


Fact or Fiction? If you already include stretching in your regular fitness routine, congratulations—you’re ahead of the curve. But for the 90% of us, who seem to overlook this crucial aspect of fitness, it is time to rethink how important stretching truly is. Recently celebrating his 12 year anniversary here in Aztec Recreation, personal trainer […]

Member Spotlight: Jenna McGuigan

April 28, 2015


Jenna McGuigan can squat 255 lbs! This fit, buff, young woman is a sophomore at SDSU who works out at the ARC most days of the week. “I didn’t get it [255 lbs.] the first time I tried,” Says McGuigan, “But I got it the next time.” McGuigan is smart, systematic and focused. Reaching 255 took less […]

Aztec Adventures USED Equipment Sale

March 21, 2015


  Backpacks, Tents, Wet Suits and more-Aztec Adventures used Equipment Sale. Get geared up for all of your summer adventures! Aztec Adventures is having a USED equipment sale located in the classrooms in front of the ARC. GREAT PRICES ON:  -Air mattresses –Wet suits -Lanterns -Rain gear -Tents -Kayaks -Backpacks -Dry bags -Waterproof duffel bags […]

5 [hidden] Benefits of Rowing

March 21, 2015


Unless you are among the lucky few, the majority of us dread cardio days.  The thought of going on the treadmill, elliptical, bike, or even stair master becomes such a drag no matter how dedicated you are to fitness. But what about those tucked away rowing machines? Think you won’t get as much of a […]

7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Plyometrics (box jumps) [Plus Plyometric Video]

February 16, 2015


Cardio AND squats? Why not kill two birds with one stone? They’ll make your legs insanely strong. Jumping increases your strength and muscle tone, and builds both upper body and lower body strength like crazy. Box jumps force you to jump high enough that you’re forced to use every single muscle in your legs (as well as […]

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Out is the New In!

February 15, 2015


Think back for a moment to your childhood. What were a few of your favorite memories?  Where was your favorite place to go to?  Does playing hide-n-seek with the neighbors, chasing after the ice cream truck, climbing trees, playing catch with the family pup at all sound a bit familiar? For the majority of today’s […]

Simple Ways to ACTUALLY Stick to NY Resolutions

February 11, 2015


A New Year’s resolution is a tradition in which a person makes a promise to make a change in their life, like going to the gym 4 times a week or cutting out soda from a diet. Both resolutions are centered on either creating or extinguishing a habit which takes practice, dedication, patience, and motivation. […]


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