Out is the New In!

Think back for a moment to your childhood. What were a few of your favorite memories?  Where was your favorite place to go to?  Does playing hide-n-seek with the neighbors, chasing after the ice cream truck, climbing trees, playing catch with the family pup at all sound a bit familiar? For the majority of today’s adults, their favorite memory was doing an activity outside engaged with others.

Now, think back to the last time you did anything similar? With our busy lives having midterms around every corner, the thought of setting aside some time to take for ourselves can seem overwhelming. But when did doing something for ourselves become such a burden?  Instead of adding a little adventure into our routine we tend to spend every waking moment of free time secluding ourselves in our bedroom, interfacing with technology rather than the natural world. Time to pause Netflix, quit scrolling down Instagram’s newsfeed, and checking out peoples snapchat stories. Time to do something for YOU.

5 Reasons to Take More Adventure Days

We grow and become our best selves when we take advantage of new adventures. If that isn’t motivation enough, check out five things you should know about embracing a new experience:

  1. We rarely try something new…try something new

As human beings we default to the familiar. Why would we want to seek new adventures when what we’re doing is so comfortable? In fact, even when we get that little inkling that we should try something new, our minds quickly shut it down. Approximately 42 percent of Americans can’t remember the last time they attempted adventure.

  1. New experiences are at the top of our bucket lists.bucket list

If you were to name the top 10 things on your bucket list how many of them have to do with doing the same ole’ same ole. No, your bucket list has new adventures! Maybe it includes: backpacking through the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, camping in the deserts of Anza Borrego, climbing magnificent boulders at Joshua Tree’s, canoeing through the Colorado River, or white water rafting Class III and Class IV rapids?!

  1. Sharing our adventures with others makes them more enjoyable.share with others

Not only is it important to seize new adventures, you should also share those experiences with others. Studies show that those who engage in a positive activity with a pal experience a more amplified enjoyment from the event. Skydiving, anyone?

  1. New experiences make us happier.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Shall I say more?

  1. New experiences can change how we view time.see time

Think about it: How many times have we just “rolled through the motions” only to realize that Wow! Christmas is in a few weeks! When we embrace new adventures, we’re interrupting our everyday flow — in the best possible way.  Time will be of more value and opportunity to make the most of it.

Since 1977, AZTEC ADVENTURES has been providing the SDSU community with leadership, education, adventure and culture. We are managed by the Associated StudentsAztec Recreation division and our offices are located within the Aztec Recreation Center.


AZTEC ADVENTURES provides the SDSU community with opportunities to experience outdoor challenges that aim to promote personal growth, health and wellness, leadership, relationship building and environmental responsibility.


This month’s featured adventure: Cave exploring, hot spring and hiking exploration Anza Borrego.


Anza Borrego Desert State Park is one of the best kept secrets in Southern California. Awaiting our group of explorers is a series of underground passageways and caves located in the center of the Carrizo california_20130101__MG_8690-Edit-Edit_lgBadlands that snake their way through hillsides and desolate washes. In addition our campground maintains some soothing hot springs and nearby trails lead to kumeyaay pictographs and morteros.  The unique desert landscape and vegetation make for a mysterious and magical environment in which to camp.  This trip offers a 3 day, 2 night camping experience that is perfect for those with little experience.

This is our recommended trip for those who are just getting their feet wet into the adventure world. Because we are camping relatively close to the cars, we are not required to carry all belongs with us when we do the activities. Not much gear is needed for hikes, which is one of the main differences between our more active backpacking trips.


Now let’s talk about all the incredible excursions that you will experiencoll anzace. Because there are so many places to see and things to do, our trip leaders leave it up to the explorers in what they what to do most. Romping around the desert, exploring mud caves, hiking to historical landmarks, eating awesome food and relaxing in a hot spring to top off the day!

Some of the other activities include:

  • Exploring Indian cave paintings
  • Hikes to the mud caves
  • Off-roading to get to and back camp site
  • Night hikes to overlooking spectacular views of the desert and night sky
  • Waterfall exploring
  • Camp fire bonding

GET TO KNOW Aztec Adventures STAFF:

Aztec Adventures provides achad solorea knowledge and points of interest. The staff is Wilderness and First Aid Certified and full of nature loving, positive, outgoing people full of enthusiasm.

When asked one of our primary trip leaders Chad Larrieu what his favorite part is he responded, “Going through the mud caves FERSURE! Entrance is no wider than your shoulders, and then the landscape transforms into arch waves and skylights. In other words, it’s basically really awesome holes in the ceiling. But they best part?! It is all made of water!!”

Chad also encourages 1920501_10202429637196112_1009099293_nthe explorers to get up early before the sun rises to take a little hike to the overlook spot to see the dawn break just over the desert.

“My most embarrassing moment on this trip: I was so engaged in a story I was telling and didn’t see where I was stepping; I literally slipped and fell by the Morteo Palms in front of all the trip members. Good thing there is a thick layer of palm fronds that LITERALLY had my back.”


Some of our past explorers have stated:

“Trip was great. I really enjoyed the freedom to continue on into difficult parts of the caves.”

“Loved everything! Glad we got the opportunity to go up to the caves. Never done anything like this. Definitely would love to go back!”

“Very fun, I loved the opportunity of gauging my endurance and coordination.  I liked the trip to the waterfall.”983805_10205212281689495_7149705361598928764_n

“Getting to leave your dusty footprints in 10,000 year old mud caves, eating healthy organic meals that come included, and having all the planning and preparation done for you, desert camping just doesn’t get any better than this!” – Chad Larrieu.

So what are you waiting for? Experience it.

Article by: Reyanne Mustafa

Yoga Study Break

The Yoga Study Break is a way to relieve stress before finals week:SeatedYoga
Tuesday, December 9, 2014
ENS 200 Dance Studio
First Session 7:00pm – 7:45pm
Second Session 8:00pm – 8:45 pm

Each class is 45 minutes and both new and experienced yoga participants are welcome. Taught by Gina Sorensen, expect a great workout in addition to practicing pranayama breathing and meditation. This class will be a great way to focus your mind for finals success!

Open to all SDSU Students
Bring your Red I.D.
Mats are limited, so please bring your own mat if you have one.
Arrive early; a liability waiver will be required.

Live Well Aztecs: Leading the Way to Well-Being
Leading the Way to Well-Being
Aztecs, show us your healthy study break on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: #LiveWellAztecs. The three best postings from Dec 1 – 15 will win an Aztec Recreation swag bag!

Brought to you by the Recreation and Wellness Commission, Associated Students/SDSU.
Aztec Recreation
Live Well Aztecs
SDSU School of Music and Dance
SDSU Health Promotion

SDSU Healthy Events in December

Meet Baxter. SDSU’s therapy dog.
Aztecs! Your Student Health Services Department has some wonderful options for you this month. Below are the free wellness events to help you with a successful finish this semester. Stop by for a healthy break.

Tues 12/2, 10am–3pm Relaxation Station, Campanile Walkway

Wed 12/3, 5:30pm-7pm        Fueling Your Body for Finals Workshop, Cuicicalli Dining Room

Thurs 12/4, 11am–12pm       Biofeedback for Managing Stress, Library
Thurs 12/4, 12pm-1pm        Study Tips for Finals, Library

Fri 12/5, 1pm-2pm           Biofeedback for Managing Stress, Library

Mon 12/8, 4:30pm-5:30pm     Stress Management Basics, Library

Yoga Study Break
Yoga Study Break
Tues 12/9, 7pm-7:45pm       Yoga Study Break, ENS 200 Dance Studio
Tues 12/9, 8pm–8:45pm       Yoga study Break Session II, ENS 200 Dance Studio

Wed 12/10, 5pm-6pm          Managing the Stress of Finals, Library

Thurs 12/11, 10am-3pm       Pet Therapy with Baxter, Library

Fri 12/12, 10am-3pm        Pet Therapy with Baxter, Library

Mon 12/15, 10am-3pm      Pet Therapy with Baxter, Library

Tues 12/16, 1pm–4pm         Pet Therapy with Baxter, Library

Show us your healthy study break on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: #LiveWellAztecs. The three best postings from Dec 1 – 15 will win an Aztec Recreation swag bag!Live Well Aztecs Logo

Welcome Home – Live Fit @ the Union


Tuesday March 4th !!!

presenting: Live Fit @ the Union

Welcome Home to more fun @ the Union!  Live Fit will be a full day of free, healthy activities run by yours truly, the A.S. Aztec Recreation team. We have incorporated many of your favorite healthy interests and activities from fitness, wellness, nutrition, meditation to adventure, watersports, bowling and much more! This day will basically have it all. Whether you are just able to cruise on over for only one of these events, a few, or even hang out with us for the whole day, we welcome you.

Live Fit @ the Union Schedule:

  • 8am – 10pm:  Free workout at the ARC Express
    Cardio in natural lighting
    Cardio at the ARC Express. 3rd Floor of the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union. Free access on March 4, 2014.

    Not an ARC member, yet? Try out the ARC Express for a free workout on us.  With all the new innovative equipment you’re sure to get an amazing workout on the 3rd floor @ the Union. Stay motivated with the newest and most advanced workout equipment in the fitness market today, such as the TRX, Synrgy 360, Core .., and much more. Bring your I.D. if you are not a member. Being that this equipment is so new, most people aren’t sure how to use it which is why we have arranged for FREE half-hour small group classes so you can learn (starting at noon – read on)

  • Introduction to Meditation Classes
    Close your eyes. Think of a really stressful time you had in your life; were finals the first thing that popped in your head? No, I am not a mind reader – students claim that finals are the number one cause of their stress.  We have organized an INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION class presented by our own Counseling and Psych Dept. in “Park Boulevard” Conference Room located on the first floor of the Student Union. Take the mystery out of meditation and conquer finals, don’t let them conquer you. We have several times to give meditation a try:
    10am – 10:30am
    12pm – 12:30pm
    1pm – 1:30pm
    4pm – 4:30pm
  • Healthy Eating on Campus
    With Spring Break right around the corner there’s no better time to eat healthy right here on campus! SDSU Health Promotion presents 30-minute HEALTHY EATING WORKSHOPS. Meet in “The Mesa” Conference Room on the hour every hour from 10am-3pm.
    10am – 10:30am
    11am – 11:30am
    12pm – 12:30pm
    1pm – 1:30pm
    2pm – 2:30pm
    3pm – 3:30pm 
  • 11am – 1:30pm : Information booths
    Visit booths to learn about Aztec Recreation and several wellness entities on campus, from student governance like our own A.S. Recreation and Wellness Commission, to student clubs focused on careers in the health and fitness fields. Get a ticket for a FREE tote bag to redeem at the ARC Express when stop by one of our Information booths.
  • 12 – 12:30pm and 12:30 – 1pm : TRX Small Group Classes
    TRX Suspension system
    The TRX apparatus enables participants to get a full body workout. Learn how with small group training classes.

    Whether you’re just beginning your journey into fitness or pushing towards your summit, TRX Training gives you a scalable, sustainable, fun, effective approach to help you achieve your personal best. Now you might be thinking to yourself, “But wait I have never used one before and don’t know how.” No worries, stop by the ARC Express for a FREE half-hour demonstration illustrating how to use the TRX. Bring your I.D. if you are not a member.

  • 1:30pm – 3:30pm: Free massages
    Need to get your date a gift for Valentine’s Day but can’t afford anything nice? We got you covered; just say you are treating them to a massage on March 4th (they don’t need to know it was free). Have an awkward gap between classes and don’t know where to go? The Wellness Lounge team of professionals will be giving FREE massages in “Park Boulevard” Conference Room located at the Student Union. Unwind relax and take advantage of these free massages.
  • 3:30 – 5pm and 5:30-7pm: Beat the Pro
    With the Olympics in season, it seemed only appropriate to give Aztec Lanes a competitive edge. For all of those who think they got game (I mean at bowling of course) start practicing and choose your lucky ball. We are bringing in Pros to add some friendly (and entertaining) competition. Advance registration opens Feb 24 at Aztec Lanes .
  • 4 – 4:30pm and 4:30 – 5pm : Synrgy 360 Small Group Classes
    Synrgy 360
    The Synrgy 360 Apparatus includes several workout stations. Join our small group classes March 4 to learn more.

    Because the exercises performed on the Synrgy 360 mimic familiar movements of everyday life and let you adjust to scale your workouts to your fitness level, you’ll acquire greater strength and stamina for everyday physical exertions. Synrgy 360 activities are designed to improve sports performance and endurance while increasing the lean muscle mass that revs-up your metabolism to turn you into a calorie-burning-machine.

  • 5:30pm – 6:30pm: Biggest Zumba Dance class ever at SDSU!
    What kind of event would we be putting on if we didn’t get to squeeze a little dance party in, am I right? We are going to be hosting our BIGGEST Zumba class yet in the fabulous Montezuma Hall.  We have brought in one of the ARC’s best instructors, Liana T. Be a part of this one-time special event. As if this wasn’t cool enough, the first 100 participants get a free tote bag! Any level is welcome, no dance skills required. Arrive early and bring your I.D.
  • 6pm:  Free Movie Night
    We are thrilled to present never before seen movie screenings of 180 Degrees South and Slow is Fast.  In our feature film, 180 Degrees South you’ll get shipwrecked off Easter Island, surf the longest wave- and prepare yourself to ascend Cerro Corcovado. This film takes viewers on a wild adventure into nature following adventurer Jeff Johnson as he retraces the epic 1968 journey of his heroes Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins to Patagonia. Slow is Fast is a short film filmed in September 2012; Dan Malloy, Kanoa Zimmerman and Kellen Keene rode bikes down the California coast hoping to see their home state in a new slower-paced light — surfing, camping, staying with friends and lending a hand wherever they could to earn their keep. Movie screenings are sponsored by your own wilderness and watersports Aztec Recreation programs: Aztec Adventures and Mission Bay Aquatic Center. Pick up your free tickets at the ARC Climbing Wall or Mission Bay Aquatic Center. Doors open at 6pm and screenings start at 6:30pm. First 75 arrivals get a FREE Klean Kanteen BPA-free stainless steel water bottle. Watch the trailer for our feature, 180 Degrees South, below.
  • 7pm – 8pm: SDSU’s Biggest Yoga Class
    ARC yoga classes are more popular than ever; so we decided to amp it up. We invite you to attend the LARGEST Yoga class at SDSU yet (our records show that the biggest yoga class so far is 105 people – so set us straight by commenting below if that’s not right).  This is much more than just a class; we are opening the doors of the gorgeous Montezuma Hall in the new Student Union to inspire and relax you and maybe even create a closer-knit yoga community. Mat supply is our only limit, so please bring a mat if you own one. Arrive early and bring your I.D.

Article by: Reyanne Mustafa

California Drought 2014


Governor Brown officially declared a California drought emergency on Friday, January 17, 2014 and ordered state agencies, led by the Department of General Services, to immediately implement water use reduction plans. Governor Brown also called for a STATEWIDE water conservation campaign to make all Californians aware of the drought and encourage personal actions to reduce water usage by 20 percent.

Associated Students is working to reduce water usage in all our programs and facilities by 20% immediately. That includes the ARC!

Aztecs help us reach our 20% water reduction goal.

How you can help:

  1. Take shorter showers
  2. Bring your own gym towel
  3. Report water waste to us. (For example: if you see a shower that leaks, let us know)

Thank You!


Water covers two-thirds of the surface of the Earth, but there is ONLY 0.002% fresh water on Earth.

Every little bit counts Aztecs. Let’s make a difference and let’s do our part.

Article by: Reyanne Mustafa

Welcome Home to Your New Recreation Benefits at the Union

Aztec Student Union
ARC Express, located on the third floor, south side of the Aztec Student Union

It’s almost here: January 22, 2014 Associated Students opens the new Aztec Student Union! The Union is your living room at SDSU, complete with two new recreation facilities.

“The new ARC Express at the Union will have the latest and greatest fitness equipment. Members are going to be so happy with the new space and options,” said Amy Schiller, Aztec Recreation’s marketing coordinator. “The expanded and modernized Aztec Lanes has been greatly anticipated by students and members. Everyone is eager and excited to check it out.”

ARC Express Events and Equipment

The 6,000-square-foot ARC Express is located on the south side of the 3rd floor of the Union.  The new ARC satellite location has spectacular views of the surrounding area to enjoy while squeezing in a work out and it will feature a wide variety of the industry’s finest fitness equipment.  Learn about all of the highlights of the new fitness location here.

Beginning January 22, ARC Express hours of operation will be:

Monday – Friday: 8:00AM – 10:00PM and Saturday and Sunday: 12:00PM – 6:00PM

Free Small Group Fitness Classes at ARC Express

During the first week of operation, January 22 – 31, 2014, Aztec Recreation fitness instructors will be presenting numerous free small group training sessions at ARC Express.  These training opportunities include instruction on the Synrgy 360 and TRX functional training systems as well as circuit training and foam rolling. Details are available on this A.S. webpage. Regular drop-in access for ARC Express is available for Aztec Recreation members, but for a first-week-of-school promotion the small group classes are open to all members of the SDSU community. Advance registration is required and will be available at the ARC Express front desk.

Aztec Lanes

Bowling is back on campus! Aztec Lanes is SDSU’s new bowling and games center located on the first floor of the Aztec Student Union. At Aztec Lanes participants will enjoy a gaming lounge, five professional-grade billiard tables, two professional-grade table tennis tables and eight big-screen TVs.  Anyone can relax at the lounge and anyone can bowl. Aztec Recreation members bowl free and shoe rental is only $1 for members. The 12 bowling lanes, as well as the scoring and comfortable seating areas, are outfitted with top-of-the-line equipment by Brunswick.  At the Lanes, students will be able to take Exercise and Nutritional Sciences one-credit bowling classes and, starting February, participate in intramural bowling leagues.

Starting January 22, 2014 Aztec Lanes Hours of Operation will be:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 9am – 10pm

Thursday, Friday: 9am – Midnight

Saturday: Noon – Midnight

Sunday: Noon – 10pm

Fun Events at the Union During Opening Week

The first week of school will be packed with fun events beyond Aztec Recreation hosted by the Aztec Student Union Programming Board. Check out the schedule and join in the excitement of this momentous time at SDSU. All events are open to members of the SDSU community and range from foam rolling to concerts to Aztec Nights events to brunches to board meetings.

See you @ the Union!

by Kayla Heaviside