Reach Your Goals With Group Fitness

Group fitness classes are included in the Aztec Recreation membership and are a great way to help you with your 2015 fitness goals! We offer cardio, strength, mind/body, and dance formats so you can enjoy a huge variety of classes that make exercise fun. Beginners are welcome; previous experience is not required! If it’s your first class, feel free to introduce yourself to the instructor prior to class. That way he/she will be better able to cater to your experience and fitness level. Check out the current schedule.

Looking to achieve internal balance and reduce tension and stress? This class uses breath-synchronized movement to create internal heat that purifies muscles and organs by expelling unwanted toxins from the body in the form of sweat. Dynamic, flowing posture sequences will build strength and flexibility. You will learn to set an intention for your personal yoga practice and take the necessary steps toward reaching that goal.

Heard of the at-home Insanity® program? Now it’s in your group fitness studio! This class utilizes the concept of max interval training, where longer high intensity cardio intervals are interspersed with short rest periods so that you can get the most out of your workout. All levels are welcome in this body weight workout that can increase your cardiovascular endurance, as well as muscular strength. Just one question: are you ready to dig deep?

Article by: Liana Tsirklin

Yoga & Pilates Choices!

Aztec Recreation offers both Yoga and Pilates in two formats: Group Fitness, which is included in Aztec Recreation membership and ENS Credit Classes. Read more to learn the difference and how to join in this Spring.

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What’s the difference between a Group Fitness class and an ENS credit class?
Why would I want to pay 90$ for a class I can take for free?

These are common questions students may ask as both Yoga Inversions (focusing on the up-side down poses of headstand and shoulder stand) and Pilates are now offered in the ARC as ENS credit pilates ens bannerclasses for the first time in Spring 2015. If you just want to drop-in on occasion, check the Group Fitness schedule to find our weekly Yoga and Pilates classes. Group Fitness classes are a member benefit and are structured for all levels. Students with no previous experience in Yoga or Pilates attend. For members to participate, arrive prior to the class start time. For classes after 4pm on weekdays, you can get a number at the Group Fitness Studio door 15 minutes prior to the class start time.

If, on the other hand, you want to progress in your Yoga or Pilates skills, Aztec Recreation now offers Yoga Inversions and Pilates for credit. These are the benefits:

If you are registered for an ENS Credit Class your spot is secured and you don’t need to arrive 15 minutes early.

Taking a class for credit allows the class to progress. With the same people attending the class each week, the instructor doesn’t have to start over or cover the same material each class. It’s more than a workout where you build on the form and skills. By the end of the course you will be covering material far beyond what any group fitness class could achieve.

Secondly, if you are anything like me, that Monday morning yoga session sounds great until it actually comes down to getting out of my warm bed and walking to the gym. Taking the class for a grade is a total butt kicker to get you there, ready to go!

So, you always wanted to do a headstand? That’s exactly one of the poses that Yoga Inversions aims to teach you. Always seeking new abdominal and core exercises? Pilates is the perfect class for you.

Don’t want to take the class for a grade? Great, both Yoga Inversions and Pilates will also be offered non-credit. That way you can still reap all of the benefits of the progress and learning. To take the courses for non-credit you pay the $90 lab fee at the ARC front desk. And paying that lab fee acts just as good as a grade to get you up and ready to work out.

To join an ENS Credit Class during the add/drop time, check its status on WebPortal for seat availability. Then, contacy the instructor to see if you can get an add code. You will pay the lab fee either online or in person at the ARC. Remember, in order to take these classes, which are held inside the ARC, you must have a current ARC membership.

Article by: Jessica Lewis

Yoga Study Break

The Yoga Study Break is a way to relieve stress before finals week:SeatedYoga
Tuesday, December 9, 2014
ENS 200 Dance Studio
First Session 7:00pm – 7:45pm
Second Session 8:00pm – 8:45 pm

Each class is 45 minutes and both new and experienced yoga participants are welcome. Taught by Gina Sorensen, expect a great workout in addition to practicing pranayama breathing and meditation. This class will be a great way to focus your mind for finals success!

Open to all SDSU Students
Bring your Red I.D.
Mats are limited, so please bring your own mat if you have one.
Arrive early; a liability waiver will be required.

Live Well Aztecs: Leading the Way to Well-Being
Leading the Way to Well-Being
Aztecs, show us your healthy study break on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: #LiveWellAztecs. The three best postings from Dec 1 – 15 will win an Aztec Recreation swag bag!

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SDSU Healthy Events in December

Meet Baxter. SDSU’s therapy dog.
Aztecs! Your Student Health Services Department has some wonderful options for you this month. Below are the free wellness events to help you with a successful finish this semester. Stop by for a healthy break.

Tues 12/2, 10am–3pm Relaxation Station, Campanile Walkway

Wed 12/3, 5:30pm-7pm        Fueling Your Body for Finals Workshop, Cuicicalli Dining Room

Thurs 12/4, 11am–12pm       Biofeedback for Managing Stress, Library
Thurs 12/4, 12pm-1pm        Study Tips for Finals, Library

Fri 12/5, 1pm-2pm           Biofeedback for Managing Stress, Library

Mon 12/8, 4:30pm-5:30pm     Stress Management Basics, Library

Yoga Study Break
Yoga Study Break
Tues 12/9, 7pm-7:45pm       Yoga Study Break, ENS 200 Dance Studio
Tues 12/9, 8pm–8:45pm       Yoga study Break Session II, ENS 200 Dance Studio

Wed 12/10, 5pm-6pm          Managing the Stress of Finals, Library

Thurs 12/11, 10am-3pm       Pet Therapy with Baxter, Library

Fri 12/12, 10am-3pm        Pet Therapy with Baxter, Library

Mon 12/15, 10am-3pm      Pet Therapy with Baxter, Library

Tues 12/16, 1pm–4pm         Pet Therapy with Baxter, Library

Show us your healthy study break on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: #LiveWellAztecs. The three best postings from Dec 1 – 15 will win an Aztec Recreation swag bag!Live Well Aztecs Logo

SDSU’s New Yoga Club

An interview with Club President, Kelilah Federman

Aztecs! SDSU has a new Yoga Club that will start meeting soon. We had a chance to sit down with the president of the Club, Kelilah Federman for an interview.


Q:  Tell us the benefit you want to share with other students.

Federman: Yoga helps us be more centered, present, and less stressed.

Q: How did you get started?

Federman: I saw a sign near my home and got hooked from the first class. Now I practice about five times per week, and sometimes twice per day.

Q: Define the primary need a yoga club will meet for students.

Federman: The club will be a way for like-minded individuals to come together and connect. The goal of meetings is to have fun, practice yoga, and relax.

Q: If one great thing comes from developing the new club what would that be?

Federman: A connected group would be the ideal outcome. We plan to have yoga adventures, in amazing new places like beaches and mountains.

Q: What is your vision for a typical gathering of yoga club members?

Federman: Our typical meeting will be nice grassy areas nearby campus. We want to make this club accessible for all SDSU students. Practicing outside is a great way to connect with the earth and the other students around you.  

10518988_10152524497884321_2527555110462679907_nQ: What was your greatest yoga experience?

Federman: I have had two amazing experiences with yoga and travelling abroad. I was participating in the SDSU study abroad program in Costa Rica and had an opportunity to instruct some of my fellow SDSU students.

I also travelled to Israel and met a friend who also practiced yoga. We kept coming up with poses that we could do in the various places we travelled, like doing camel pose next to a camel!

Q: If students want to get involved with the club, how do they start?

Federman: The best way to contact me is by email at

Also, if students are interested in getting more involved in the club, some leadership positions are available

Q: What is your major at SDSU and when will you graduate?
Federman: I am majoring in Political Science with a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies with the honors program. I plan to graduate in 2017.


SUPYoga: A New Outlook on Yoga

Bridge Pose on the Stand Up Paddle Board in Mission Bay
Bridge Pose on the Stand Up Paddle Board in Mission Bay

By Daniel Dominguez
MBAC SUPYoga and ARC Yoga Instructor.

“Doing yoga on a paddle board? That’s crazy!” – This is the typical response I hear when people first learn about Stand-Up Paddle Yoga (SUPYoga). The main reason behind SUPYoga’s popularity is that it gives you the chance to take care of your body and mind while immersed in a natural, open environment.

Performing yoga on the water enhances the yoga workout. In SUPYoga, the effort put into the poses is intensified by requiring you to engage the core muscles in each pose in order to stay balanced on the board. In addition to the workout component, the practice of yoga while floating on the water induces the practitioner to stay focused and helps to achieve the peacefulness needed for a “work-in” (the essential meditative component of yoga). In the end, the relaxation you achieve while floating on the water is priceless!

There are many advantages to taking your yoga sessions outdoors at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center. Enjoying the ocean breeze is a refreshing alternative to an indoor classroom. When it comes to music, SUPYoga teachers do not need to worry about selecting the right sounds to accompany their class. Nature provides the sound of the water waves bumping against the board, the wind whistling, the occasional seagull singing, or the splash of fish jumping out of the water next to the boards. The experience is incomparable!

SUPYoga classes are open to everyone. No previous yoga experience is necessary.  Since this yoga practice is a completely different experience, all classes start from the basics. You will learn how to find balance in the poses and eventually progress into more advanced/challenging positions as skills and confidence are developed.  

Come and enjoy nature while practicing yoga. We are in San Diego after all… So why stay indoors?

Visit the Stand Up Paddling page for more information on SUPYoga and fitness classes at MBAC or become a fan of SUPCore on Facebook!