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You may have seen your fellow ARC members working out with the black and yellow strap contraption, but there are an infinite number of ways to use it and get an amazing workout. This piece of functional training equipment is called the TRX Suspension Trainer and it allows you to work on all major muscle groups and many major areas of muscular fitness (strength, endurance, stability, and mobility).

The TRX gives you a total body workout with minimal equipment because it uses your own body weight. This allows one to adjust the difficulty of any exercise, simply by walking closer to or further away from the anchor point, so it is a great piece of equipment for people of all fitness levels.

You can use TRX to:
• Gain mobility and flexibility
• Recover from a variety of injuries
• Build muscle
• Increase total body strength
• Stimulate metabolism
• Improve muscle coordination

It’s important to add variety to your workouts, so try out a new TRX exercise this week! The Group Fitness Studio and the stretching mat area of the ARC both have TRX wall mounts to perform these exercises. The Group Fitness Studio is open to members any time between scheduled classes, and you can check out a TRX from the front desk at any time of day using your I.D.

Get some ideas and inspiration from any of the TRX videos posted on their official website:

By: Kayla Heaviside

2013 ACIS Fitness National Championships

Aimee Orozco and the SDSU destroyed the competition at the ACIS Fitness National Championships.
Aimee Orozco and the SDSU team destroyed the competition at the ACIS Fitness National Championships.

Four San Diego State University students teamed up as strangers the other weekend to win the 2013 American Collegiate Intramural Sports (ACIS) Fitness National Championships. This is a huge event that draws teams of four (two women and two men) from ten different national schools who compete in four different events. This year the competition was held at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista.

While other competing schools held tryouts to form their teams, the SDSU team was formed by Aimee Orozco, who reached out within the ARC to find three other teammates. Mike Nguyen, Jack Waddell and Lindsay Miller rounded out the Aztec’s winning team. The teams were all put up for the weekend at the Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn and Suites on Shelter Island for the entire weekend. They were also provided with free meals and a shuttle to and from the Olympic training center each day.

The event itself was held on Saturday and consisted of four very different and grueling events. The first event was a Navy Seal Obstacle course, which was followed by a BMX race and a Beach Volleyball match. The day concluded with a huge team tug-o-war competition. The winners were determined by totaling all of the team times together for each event. After the SDSU team tallied all of their times together, they achieved a final score of 68. This gave the Aztecs a four point lead over all of the other teams! Teams from Baylor and Cornell tied for second with 64 points each. The competition was supported with great sportsmanship from each team which allowed the competitors to make friends from all around the country!

Aimee described winning the 2013 ACIS Fitness National Championships as, “a once in a lifetime opportunity and an experience that will never be forgotten.”

Full coverage of the 2013 ACIS Fitness National Championships will be aired on FOX College Sports sometime in the middle of May, so be sure to check your TV schedule and catch the Aztecs taking home the gold!

By: Kayla Heaviside

Aztec Recreation Runners in the Carlsbad Half Marathon!

Three Aztec Recreation employees celebrating after completing the Carlsbad Half Marathon
Three Aztec Recreation employees celebrating after completing the Carlsbad Half Marathon
On Sunday, January 27, three AS employees completed the Carlsbad half marathon! Amanda Burgess of the Mission Bay Aquatic Center and Julia Greenfield of the ARC had both ran a half marathon once prior to this one. They were joined by Mission Bay Aquatic Center’s Jana Tokunaga, who was just recently recognized as Aztec Recreation’s January employee of the month.
Greenfield described the beautiful scenery runners get to appreciate, “The course is very scenic, taking you right along the coast with great views of the ocean, pelicans flying overhead, and the occasional dolphin sighting.” This half marathon course has been described as one of the fastest in the U.S. and has no major elevation changes.
Burgess suffered from a knee injury prior to running, but due to her positive attitude, rest, prayers and adrenaline, she was able to complete the marathon and even shaved eight minutes off of her previous half marathon time from the Rock and Roll Half Marathon! She attributes this success to the fact that she never stopped running for all of the 13.1094 miles!
Both of these employees are planning to continue training and running in the future. Greenfield plans to beat the two hour mark in her next half marathon, after training and strengthening herself with the help of the ARC’s Recreational Running class. Burgess is preparing to run in the next two qualifying half marathons that will allow her to qualify for the Half Marathon Triple Crown, which is 39.3 miles of running over three scenic courses.

By: Kayla Heaviside

Elliptical Training Free Fitness Orientation

ARC members, take advantage of a free fitness orientation at the ARC right now! Our ARC interns, who are all seniors in the fitness specialist major at SDSU, can meet with you privately to help you select the proper workout equipment and to instruct you on its safe and effective use. They can also provide you with free body fat testing and cardiovascular fitness testing.

Check out this helpful video to learn the most beneficial way to use the ARC’s elliptical machines. This video is an example of only a portion of all the tips you will learn when you meet with one of our fitness interns!

To schedule your free orientation, email OR call 619-594-0204

Get Lean in 2013 with the Help of a Fitness App!

This app shows your calories burned vs consumed each day.
This app shows your calories burned vs consumed each day.
Surprise! The world didn’t end on December 21st, 2012 and we have somehow seen a whole year come and go yet again! If you’re like the majority of busy and broke college students out there, 2012 probably passed without much luck on our health and fitness New Year’s Resolutions from last year. Now that we’re in 2013, we should be using every resource available to us to ensure our health and happiness! While a smartphone device gives us access to hundreds of apps that are great tools to keep you entertained during large lecture, there are also hundreds of apps that have been designed to help anyone achieve their health goals no matter what they may be!

After researching a variety of fitness apps that offered anything from complete workouts to calorie and nutrition counters, I downloaded an app that is sponsored by the one and only Lance Armstrong. The My Plate Calorie Counter is available for only $2.99 on the iPhone App Store. This little app is a calorie counter that allows you to record your calories burned vs. calories consumed, while also tracking your water intake! You begin by setting up your user profile. This includes entering your height, weight, goal weight, activity level, etc. You then select what your goal is for each week, whether it be weight gain or loss. This information is used to create a caloric goal for you each day. You then continue on with your daily life, but this app will work wonders for those trying to eat healthier! You simply record your meals and drinks each day, and can search through their database of over 1.3 million foods with complete nutrition information. You also record each workout you complete on the app, so that at the end of the day you will have an accurate number of calories consumed after the app automatically updates to eliminate the calories you burned during your workout.

I’m not usually a calorie counter, but I found this app to be really interesting and enlightening by showing me all of the hidden calories and fat in my food! Livestrong’s food database has every meal you could imagine, from fast food restaurants to your traditional home-made PB&J. The app also allowed users to set a personal reminder to track your daily eats and workout at any time. I set mine to alert me in the evening if I had not yet tracked that day. This technique was useful because my phone would light up every evening just when I was starting to crave something sweet. All in all, I enjoyed using this app and was impressed with how much technology can motivate and help one reach their fitness goals! I would recommend this to anyone looking to making 2013 their year to get lean!

By: Kayla Heaviside