Reach Your Goals With Group Fitness

Group fitness classes are included in the Aztec Recreation membership and are a great way to help you with your 2015 fitness goals! We offer cardio, strength, mind/body, and dance formats so you can enjoy a huge variety of classes that make exercise fun. Beginners are welcome; previous experience is not required! If it’s your first class, feel free to introduce yourself to the instructor prior to class. That way he/she will be better able to cater to your experience and fitness level. Check out the current schedule.

Looking to achieve internal balance and reduce tension and stress? This class uses breath-synchronized movement to create internal heat that purifies muscles and organs by expelling unwanted toxins from the body in the form of sweat. Dynamic, flowing posture sequences will build strength and flexibility. You will learn to set an intention for your personal yoga practice and take the necessary steps toward reaching that goal.

Heard of the at-home Insanity® program? Now it’s in your group fitness studio! This class utilizes the concept of max interval training, where longer high intensity cardio intervals are interspersed with short rest periods so that you can get the most out of your workout. All levels are welcome in this body weight workout that can increase your cardiovascular endurance, as well as muscular strength. Just one question: are you ready to dig deep?

Article by: Liana Tsirklin

The DO’s and DON’TS of “Bulking Season”

 How to Gain.. The RIGHT Way

Looking to gain muscle mass? If you think eating anything and everything in sight will help you to bulk up, you may want to think again.

Now that summer has come to an end and tank tops and shorts are replaced by baggy pants and sweat shirts.  The next few months can mean only one thing…Ahh it’s bulking time.

  • The Bulk: A period of time when the primary goal is building muscle, gaining weight, increasing strength, or all of the above. Calorie intake is increased so a caloric surplus is present.
  • The Cut: A period of time when the primary goal is losing fat, losing weight, getting leaner, or all of the above. Calorie intake is decreased and/or calorie expenditure is increased so that a caloric deficit is present.

Every off-season, many individuals fall short of their goals. Why? You might ask. Below are some of the most common mistakes people make during the off-season that hinder their gains. If you can avoid as many of these mistake as possible, you will be on your way to a productive off-season.

1) Not Eating Enough

In order to add muscle to your body you need to make sure that you have an adequate surplus of energy. This means simply getting enough calories daily so that your body can recover from workouts and rebuild the stressed muscle fibers little by little.

Without the energy and the fuel, via a surplus of healthy food, you cannot make the improvements you need. Make sure that you are eating enough calories to enable you to make those improvements. Though you might put on a little (note I said a little) body fat, the body fat will come off once you diet down for cutting season.

2) Not Eating Enough Healthy Clean Foods

Above we talked about taking in enough calories so you can put on good size in the off season.

There is a lot of misguided information out on the internet on how to binge to gain muscle. Often there will be claims that eating this amount of protein or X amount of calories will lead to bigger muscles. We are here to clear all that confusion up.goddvs.bad food

You might say ‘fast food and junk food are calorie dense so why not have them once or twice a day so I can bump up my overall calories?”  or “Because junk food is so calorie dense, I’ll have enough energy to make my reps and build more muscle, right?”
While you want to have excess calories while bulking, the majority of those calories should be from clean healthy foods: lean cuts of meat, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Although not as calorie dense, these healthy foods are energy dense. Clean energy is what is going to give you that extra push to do that extra rep. When you are trying to gain weight you do need additional calories, but diet riddled with junk food will result in little muscle gain and plenty of fat storage.

How many times have you heard people say how sluggish they feel after eating fast food?
This is mostly because junk food has nutritionally zero benefits; yes, you are getting your calories but no nutrients to fuel the body leaving you sluggish. Because junk food has the wrong kind of sugars it’s common to find yourself getting a “sugar high” followed by an immediate crash. The crash is due to the energy running out whereas clean healthy foods keep your energy going for a longer lasting effect. So think twice the next time you take a bite out of that 4×4 at In’n’out! Clean it up and you will beef it up!

3) No Cardio

This is a huge mcardioooistake that 99% of the time men fall victim to the no cardio approach in the off season. They justify it by saying “I don’t want to lose any gainz”. Well, we are here to tell you that three 30 minute cardio sessions a week will do wonders for your bulking phase. By incorporating a cardio routine into your workout program, your appetite will go through the roof, which will make it a lot easier to eat more clean healthy food.

“Staying aerobically fit is an important component of gaining weight. A strong and fit heart will help you to recover between sets more efficiently thus improving your overall work capacity (in other words: allowing you to do more sets in same the same amount of time).” Brian Tabor, personal trainer at ARC.
A big part of building more muscle means progressively doing more work (set/reps) in your training. If you want to put on that size then start doing some cardio.


4) Not Enough Rest/ Recovery Timesleep-better

Many novice trainers don’t realize that you do all your growing outside the gym. Even some experienced lifters find it hard to stay away from the gym to get enough rest. They do everything else right: eat clean, workout out hard, but forget to give their bodies enough rest and recovery time between workouts so gains are negligible. Being sure to get plenty of food is one thing, but it’s important to get enough rest and sleep as well. You break down the muscle tissue in the gym, given that you fuel your body with nutritious food.

Article by: Reyanne Mustafa

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Two Suspension Straps — Infinite Ways to Use Them.

Sign up for a TRX small group training sessions today!
Sign up for a TRX small group training sessions today!

If you haven’t already been to the ARC Express, you may be depriving yourself of a really intense workout. All the equipment located in the facility is the newest and most innovative on the fitness market today. The stationary machines are FREE motion which means they require your WHOLE body to use instead of just the ordinary machines that just target indivdual muscles. Along with being more of an overall body workout, because the machines are free motion they put less pressure on your joints.

As if that isn’t incentive enough, we have the most talked about, popular, and newest piece of equipment that all the best trainers in the world have been raving about: TRX.

So you might be reading this and going, “what is this TRX you speak of..?”
The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your body weight to perform hundreds of total-body exercises. You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise – because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. By utilizing your own bodyweight, the TRX Suspension Trainer provides greater performance and functionality than large exercise machines.

Don’t think it’s just your muscles that you’re working. TRX moves target different parts of your body while also raising your heart rate. Most exercises done on the TRX suspension cables “integrate multiple muscles, which require oxygen,” says Randy, CEO and founder of TRX, “ increases your heartbeat and breath as you hold a move or do your reps, making many TRX exercises super-efficient, integrated strength and cardio moves,” explains Randy.

Here is a preview of some of the exercises you can perform:

Two suspension straps — infinite ways to use them. You can do it all with TRX, from lunges to planks to upper body resistance exercises. And the best part? Your workouts can change as many times as you want them to. That means that both your mind and your body will stay challenged with all the ways you can mix up your workouts.

If you’ve never done TRX or interested in a more one on one environment with a trainer, you can now sign up for a small group TRX training class before you commit to any individual training. This way your instructor can teach you the proper way to do many of the moves without injuring yourself and most effective ways. You will then be ready to perform a variety of different exercises on your own.

Sign up today:

Article by: Reyanne Mustafa

New to the Gym or a Regular- A FREE Fitness Orientation is for ALL


Having a goal is one thing, staying motivated is another. When you don’t know where to start or how far you’ve come, that goal can seem farfetched to achieve.

Our fitness interns are here to help!!
Part of your ARC membership includes a chance to schedule a FREE Fitness Assessment with any of our 5 interns.

      A fitness orientation is a scheduled 60 min. appointment with a fitness intern that gives you the opportunity to tour the facility, and learn about exercise machines, free weights and other resistance training equipment. When signing up, you will fill out information about your individual fitness needs, so that your session will be designed specifically for you. Fitness Orientations are FREE to students and members of the ARC.

      If you are unfamiliar with the some of the equipment or feel uncomfortable with the ARC or ARC Express, the fitness interns are available. This in return will make you feel more comfortable on the floor and be able to use the machines safely while getting an effective workout.

     Along with getting familiar with fitness equipment, during your fitness orientation will get you familiar with your body. Our trained interns can take your blood pressure, give you body composition metrics, measure your cardiovascular fitness, and your muscular fitness. Although the interns are NOT personal trainers and can NOT give workout plans, if requested or interested, they can refer you to a personal trainer and set an appointment with a FREE nutrition counseling session.


Take advantage of this opportunity and schedule your appointment today!

To schedule your free orientation email

OR call 619-594-0204

Article by: Reyanne Mustafa

Welcome Home – Live Fit @ the Union


Tuesday March 4th !!!

presenting: Live Fit @ the Union

Welcome Home to more fun @ the Union!  Live Fit will be a full day of free, healthy activities run by yours truly, the A.S. Aztec Recreation team. We have incorporated many of your favorite healthy interests and activities from fitness, wellness, nutrition, meditation to adventure, watersports, bowling and much more! This day will basically have it all. Whether you are just able to cruise on over for only one of these events, a few, or even hang out with us for the whole day, we welcome you.

Live Fit @ the Union Schedule:

  • 8am – 10pm:  Free workout at the ARC Express
    Cardio in natural lighting
    Cardio at the ARC Express. 3rd Floor of the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union. Free access on March 4, 2014.

    Not an ARC member, yet? Try out the ARC Express for a free workout on us.  With all the new innovative equipment you’re sure to get an amazing workout on the 3rd floor @ the Union. Stay motivated with the newest and most advanced workout equipment in the fitness market today, such as the TRX, Synrgy 360, Core .., and much more. Bring your I.D. if you are not a member. Being that this equipment is so new, most people aren’t sure how to use it which is why we have arranged for FREE half-hour small group classes so you can learn (starting at noon – read on)

  • Introduction to Meditation Classes
    Close your eyes. Think of a really stressful time you had in your life; were finals the first thing that popped in your head? No, I am not a mind reader – students claim that finals are the number one cause of their stress.  We have organized an INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION class presented by our own Counseling and Psych Dept. in “Park Boulevard” Conference Room located on the first floor of the Student Union. Take the mystery out of meditation and conquer finals, don’t let them conquer you. We have several times to give meditation a try:
    10am – 10:30am
    12pm – 12:30pm
    1pm – 1:30pm
    4pm – 4:30pm
  • Healthy Eating on Campus
    With Spring Break right around the corner there’s no better time to eat healthy right here on campus! SDSU Health Promotion presents 30-minute HEALTHY EATING WORKSHOPS. Meet in “The Mesa” Conference Room on the hour every hour from 10am-3pm.
    10am – 10:30am
    11am – 11:30am
    12pm – 12:30pm
    1pm – 1:30pm
    2pm – 2:30pm
    3pm – 3:30pm 
  • 11am – 1:30pm : Information booths
    Visit booths to learn about Aztec Recreation and several wellness entities on campus, from student governance like our own A.S. Recreation and Wellness Commission, to student clubs focused on careers in the health and fitness fields. Get a ticket for a FREE tote bag to redeem at the ARC Express when stop by one of our Information booths.
  • 12 – 12:30pm and 12:30 – 1pm : TRX Small Group Classes
    TRX Suspension system
    The TRX apparatus enables participants to get a full body workout. Learn how with small group training classes.

    Whether you’re just beginning your journey into fitness or pushing towards your summit, TRX Training gives you a scalable, sustainable, fun, effective approach to help you achieve your personal best. Now you might be thinking to yourself, “But wait I have never used one before and don’t know how.” No worries, stop by the ARC Express for a FREE half-hour demonstration illustrating how to use the TRX. Bring your I.D. if you are not a member.

  • 1:30pm – 3:30pm: Free massages
    Need to get your date a gift for Valentine’s Day but can’t afford anything nice? We got you covered; just say you are treating them to a massage on March 4th (they don’t need to know it was free). Have an awkward gap between classes and don’t know where to go? The Wellness Lounge team of professionals will be giving FREE massages in “Park Boulevard” Conference Room located at the Student Union. Unwind relax and take advantage of these free massages.
  • 3:30 – 5pm and 5:30-7pm: Beat the Pro
    With the Olympics in season, it seemed only appropriate to give Aztec Lanes a competitive edge. For all of those who think they got game (I mean at bowling of course) start practicing and choose your lucky ball. We are bringing in Pros to add some friendly (and entertaining) competition. Advance registration opens Feb 24 at Aztec Lanes .
  • 4 – 4:30pm and 4:30 – 5pm : Synrgy 360 Small Group Classes
    Synrgy 360
    The Synrgy 360 Apparatus includes several workout stations. Join our small group classes March 4 to learn more.

    Because the exercises performed on the Synrgy 360 mimic familiar movements of everyday life and let you adjust to scale your workouts to your fitness level, you’ll acquire greater strength and stamina for everyday physical exertions. Synrgy 360 activities are designed to improve sports performance and endurance while increasing the lean muscle mass that revs-up your metabolism to turn you into a calorie-burning-machine.

  • 5:30pm – 6:30pm: Biggest Zumba Dance class ever at SDSU!
    What kind of event would we be putting on if we didn’t get to squeeze a little dance party in, am I right? We are going to be hosting our BIGGEST Zumba class yet in the fabulous Montezuma Hall.  We have brought in one of the ARC’s best instructors, Liana T. Be a part of this one-time special event. As if this wasn’t cool enough, the first 100 participants get a free tote bag! Any level is welcome, no dance skills required. Arrive early and bring your I.D.
  • 6pm:  Free Movie Night
    We are thrilled to present never before seen movie screenings of 180 Degrees South and Slow is Fast.  In our feature film, 180 Degrees South you’ll get shipwrecked off Easter Island, surf the longest wave- and prepare yourself to ascend Cerro Corcovado. This film takes viewers on a wild adventure into nature following adventurer Jeff Johnson as he retraces the epic 1968 journey of his heroes Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins to Patagonia. Slow is Fast is a short film filmed in September 2012; Dan Malloy, Kanoa Zimmerman and Kellen Keene rode bikes down the California coast hoping to see their home state in a new slower-paced light — surfing, camping, staying with friends and lending a hand wherever they could to earn their keep. Movie screenings are sponsored by your own wilderness and watersports Aztec Recreation programs: Aztec Adventures and Mission Bay Aquatic Center. Pick up your free tickets at the ARC Climbing Wall or Mission Bay Aquatic Center. Doors open at 6pm and screenings start at 6:30pm. First 75 arrivals get a FREE Klean Kanteen BPA-free stainless steel water bottle. Watch the trailer for our feature, 180 Degrees South, below.
  • 7pm – 8pm: SDSU’s Biggest Yoga Class
    ARC yoga classes are more popular than ever; so we decided to amp it up. We invite you to attend the LARGEST Yoga class at SDSU yet (our records show that the biggest yoga class so far is 105 people – so set us straight by commenting below if that’s not right).  This is much more than just a class; we are opening the doors of the gorgeous Montezuma Hall in the new Student Union to inspire and relax you and maybe even create a closer-knit yoga community. Mat supply is our only limit, so please bring a mat if you own one. Arrive early and bring your I.D.

Article by: Reyanne Mustafa

Inner/Outer Thigh Workout Tips

That awkward moment when you are using the inner or outer thigh machine and you lock eyes with someone across the gym. Yeah, we know and we have all been there.

Our very own Brian Tabor, a personal trainer here at the ARC, demonstrates 4 simple exercises targeting the inner and outer thigh using body weight as resistance rather than machinery. These exercises are effective in tightening and toning the adductor and abductor muscle groups.

  1. Lateral Lounge
  2. Reverse Cross Over Lounge
  3. Progression Side Plank
  4. Supine Jack Knife

Video by: Brian Tabor
Article by: Reyanne Mustafa