Small Actions Lead to BIG Changes.



Give yourself a pat on the back Aztec Recreation Members! We did it!!

Since the declaration of the California Drought, Aztec Recreation set a goal of using significantly less water these past few months and we did it! We crushed our goal of using 30% less; this May you helped us surpass our expectations of 49% less!

155,584 gallons May ’14

307,428 gallons May ’13


Due to members being more cautious by taking shorter showers, reporting water waste and reduced towel laundering we were able to reduce by almost 50%. We thank you for all you’re doing here on campus and at home to help conserve water.



This just proves every drop counts and so does every action to preserve it. Let’s keep this winning streak up throughout the school year!


Article by: Reyanne Mustafa

Golden State Not So Golden

Just because you don’t see it happening, doesn’t mean it isn’t.

“Californians face ‘new reality’ of water scarcity”
“We’re facing perhaps the worst drought that California has ever seen since records kept of about 100 years ago.”
“This drought is setting the stage for a devastating fire season.”

If these quotes don’t scare you and make you want to change than perhaps finding out how the drought is going to directly affect you will.

Aztecs, it is a lot easier to be careless and forgetful of the serious drought we are in when we are not constantly surroundedby its consequences. Living in San Diego, seeing the results of the drought are very unlikely. We don’t live right by dried up river beds, and we don’t have huge deserted farming lands in our cities continuously reminding us how devastating this drought is. Although we are not constantly bumping into our water supply and seeing how scarce it has become, doesn’t mean we are not affected by it.

What does this mean for us?
If we don’t take voluntary actions NOW, we will SOON be forced to implemented mandatory actions/consequences. Unfortunately due to such a dry year, and global warming as a whole, California experienced in 2013 fresh water reservoirs with a fraction of our normal reserves and slowed the normally full American River so dramatically that brush and dry riverbed are showing through in areas normally teeming with fish. In the Central Valley, hundreds of thousands of acres of land used to grow cotton, tomatoes, vegetables and other crops might be left fallow as farmers run out of affordable water. This is likely to result in increased food costs for all of us.

California Drought Predictions

  1. Increased price in foods
  2. Sky rocketing price for water
  3. Power bills increasing
  4. If violating new water laws, fees will be given to those who don’t obey
  5. Imposed limits on shower time

But it rained recently so we are good right?
With the recent rain, is it possible to make up the water we need this year?
Even though some rain has finally come, Californians are not in the clear; according to the Department of Water Resources, the state would need to experience heavy rain or snowfall every other day from now until May in order to achieve average annual precipitation levels. Dr. Peter Gleick, codirector of the water-focused research nonprofit the Pacific Institute, explained that because California’s reservoirs are already depleted from a dry past two years, “We need a really, really wet rest of the season. And that’s statistically unlikely.”

How can we help?

  • Turn the sink off when you are brushing your teeth
  • Only do laundry with a full load of cloths
  • Wash your car no more than once per month
  • If you see a leak or spillage, report it
  • Shave with the water off
  • Bring your own towel to the gym
  • Use a resuable water bottle
  • Spread the word!

If we don’t take action NOW, our beloved California may have an unpromising future ahead. Let’s not be the generation to destruct it but rather save it.

Let's not make this our future.
Let’s not make this our future.

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Article by: Reyanne Mustafa