Member Spotlight – Trevor Viboch

10933881_859607840728012_3811307575050578161_n“If it’s important, do it everyday.” This is the quote that Aztec Recreation member Trevor Viboch lives by and incorporates in his daily life. Trevor has been a member of the ARC for about four years. “I’m always impressed by the different programs offered by Aztec Recreation,” he says, “I feel like I’m always hearing about something new.”

When Trevor joined the ARC, he was working on his undergraduate degree. Through Aztec Recreation, he was able to take courses like bowling and rock climbing for credit. Trevor says one of his favorite experiences with those classes was the weekend trip to Joshua Tree at the end of the rock climbing course. His favorite memory that took place inside of the ARC was when another member noticed that Trevor had a bag of candy with him. “Sometimes when I come to the ARC, I bring candy with me to snack on between sets of squats. Life’s too short not to enjoy Swedish Fish, right?” Trevor says that the other member offered up a few possible explanations for his actions, like carb-loading. Trevor simply replied, “They taste good.”

Outside of Aztec Recreation, Trevor lives well by finding balance in his daily life and resting his mind and body. He likes to spend time with his friends, family, and girlfriend, and says there’s nothing he’d rather do in his downtime than chase his dog around his yard.

Trevor has completed both his undergraduate and master’s degrees at SDSU, and would definitely consider himself an Aztec for life. Congratulations, Trevor! You deserve it!

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