Member Spotlight – Mark Slader

mark resized
“Victory is a state of mind.”

“Victory is a state of mind.” This is the quote that Mark Slader says encompasses how he chooses to live his life. Mark has been a member of Aztec Recreation for four years. He began his Aztec Recreation experience when he found out about Sport Clubs at an ARC ‘til DARK event. During his sophomore year, he was nominated for president of the Sport Club Council, and has been in that student leadership position ever since. During his junior year, Mark became captain of the Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team, and since then he has balanced both titles, all while working towards his major in Public Health with an Interdisciplinary Sciences Honors Minor.

Mark’s favorite part of his Aztec Recreation experience stems from traveling with his Ultimate team. They have participated in tournaments around the country including Boston, St. Louis, and Las Vegas. Through membership and the Sport Clubs program, Mark has been able to enjoy many memorable experiences, build countless relationships, and make a lot of connections with fellow SDSU students. “I have found both positions to be very rewarding,” he explains. “As sport club president, I have gained the opportunity to work closely with some great people from other sport clubs and the hardworking sport clubs staff. As the President/Captain of the Men’s Club Ultimate Team, I have had the pleasure of playing a sport I love with some of my best friends. While it can be quite time consuming, these experiences have helped to enhance my leadership and communication skills.”  Outside of school and his Sport Clubs commitments, Mark continues to live well by maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding falling into lazy habits by keeping himself busy and moving. He is proud to be an Aztec for Life.

Article by Asha Bailey

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