V06A9963Yoga has become increasingly popular throughout the years as a way to decompress, destress, and become an overall healthier version of oneself. Aztec Recreation offers a wide variety of yoga classes that are available for our members to participate in. Each yoga class differs slightly in variety, intensity, and main focus. This chart will hopefully give you a better understanding about which yoga class is best suited for your desired practice.

yoga chartpic

Yoga has many beneficial effects on the mind and body, including pain relief, an improved immune system, and even posing as a natural sleep aid. This chart breaks each yoga class down into three categories, describing the major focus, special elements, and differing intensities of each. Those who are looking for a low intensity practice focused around relaxation of the mind and body would most likely lean towards Gentle, Iyengar, or Kripalu yoga. Those who are searching for a more intense, full body workout focused around movement and pose variation would want to look into Vinyasa, Hatha Vinyasa, and Power yoga. Remember, each class has intensity modifications for every level!

by Asha Bailey

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