“Active member” is an understatement when describing Aztec Recreation’s Shea McNanie! Shea has been an Aztec Recreation member for over four years and has participated in many of the programs that Aztec Recreation offers including cycling, mountain biking, Intramural Sports, Aztec Adventures, rock climbing, and has even participated in the Cycling/Triathlon Club! Shea started her

Member Spotlight - Shea McNanie Aztec Recreation journey her freshman year at SDSU, originally just looking for a place to work out and lift some weights. It was her sophomore year when she discovered Intramural Sports leagues, and since then she has been incredibly active and involved with Aztec Recreation. Her favorite IM’s were volleyball and softball, and through her search for information, she found out about the Cycling/Triathlon Club and ended up participating in both mountain biking and triathlon events as part of the team.

Shea says that her favorite Aztec Recreation memories that stem from her membership experience come from all of the active opportunities that have been presented to her through Intramural Sports, the Cycling/Triathlon Club, Aztec Adventures, and ENS classes, in which she’s currently enjoying a windsurfing course at MBAC. Outside of Aztec Recreation, Shea Lives Well by maintaining a healthy diet, remaining as active as possible (obviously!), and has even started practicing yoga with the goal of improving her flexibility.

There are no secrets to success; it is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

Shea explains that this particular quote resonates with her “because it’s 100% true; in any area of life, no matter how easy or hard it may be; there is always room for improvement.” Shea believes that in life, nothing comes easy and you have to put in the work and effort in order to see improvements, and most importantly to succeed. Shea plans to attend SDSU Alumni programs after she graduates, and believes that because of the close relationships she’s made with her teammates from both Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs, she will be an Aztec for life.

by Asha Bailey

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