10 Easy Ways to Save Water

christmas-cactusDid you know California is suffering from a drought? According to the City of San Diego, the City enacted Drought Alert mandatory water use restrictions on November 1, 2014, in response to serious drought conditions statewide. Below are some simple tips that Aztecs are finding are easy to adopt into the busy student lifestyle.

  1. Water houseplants with ice cubes.
    Ice cubes will absorb slowly, preventing excess water running out. Cubes that were dropped on the floor work well for this tip.
  2. Take shorter showers.
    Baths and long showers use at least 4x the amount of water as a 3-5 minute shower.
  3. Color your toilet tank water.
    This clever trick will tell you if you have a leaky toilet. Put the food coloring into your tank and if the color in the bowl changes color (and you haven’t flushed), you have a leak.
  4. Throw, don’t flush.
    Put the squished bug, tissue or small garbage in the trash, instead of flushing it down the toilet.
  5. Turn the faucet off.
    Do not let your faucet run while brushing your teeth, shaving or washing your face or hands at the sink.
  6. Capture warm-up water.
    While you’re waiting for the hot water to reach the tap, place a bowl or bucket under the faucet to capture “warm-up water”. Warm-up water can be used to rinse dishes, wash veggies or water the garden.
  7. Use one cup a day.
    Designate one glass a day for your beverages and do fewer dishes every night.
  8. Support local farmers.
    Knowing who your food comes from means knowing whether they use sustainable farming practices, which include water conservation efforts.
  9. Store drinking water in the fridge.
    You’ll use less water waiting for the tap to cool down and less ice is needed to keep it cool.
  10. Wash fruits and veggies in a bowl.
    Running water uses up to four times as much and is lost down the drain. Use a bowl instead and the water can be used in your garden when you’re done.

These tips are compliments of the A.S. Sustainability Commission.  Please share.


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