Simple Ways to ACTUALLY Stick to NY Resolutions

o-NEW-YEARS-RESOLUTIONS-facebookA New Year’s resolution is a tradition in which a person makes a promise to make a change in their life, like going to the gym 4 times a week or cutting out soda from a diet. Both resolutions are centered on either creating or extinguishing a habit which takes practice, dedication, patience, and motivation. Anytime you make a change in life, big or small, it’s easy to fall into the dreaded “cycle of resolution”.

Cycle of resolution

The cycle often goes like this: The start is filled with excitement and ambition, thnew-years-resolution-goal-settinge middle often lacks focus and motivation, and the end includes liberation and pride. Like most new things, a resolution is exciting and exhilarating for the fist few weeks, but soon becomes dull and uneventful bringing “cheat days” or excuses into play. Statistics support the cycle showing that only 46% of people make it past the first month with their resolution and of that, only 8% of those people are fully successful in their New Year’s resolution. Often after the newness of a resolution wears off, the going gets tough and people ditch the resolution and go back to old habits.



Alright alright, so now the stuff that you have been waiting to see, what can be done to help maintain a New Year’s Resolution?!

Advice ranges from managing expectations to remaining focused to staying motivated. Although there is no “perfect” way to achieve a New Year’s resolution, staying motivated is something each person has control over. Below is a list of ideas for Aztecs to stay motivated and #LiveWell in 2015!

The ARC offers far more than ellipticals and treadmills. Wres arc sdsu pichile both are great options for exercise, variety and creativity are important in maintaining motivation. An Aztec Recreation membership provides Aztecs with;

  • Over 19 intramurals
  • 45+ group classes offered each week
  • Climbing wall, Racquetball and tennis courts, Aquaplex
  • 9 different recreation classes



Consistent reminders to why the resolution was originally created will help one’s mind to fully absorb it. These reminders can be small and simple, yet have a powerful impact on motivation. Reminders to try;

  • Post it notes
  • Reminder on a cell phone
  • Create a vision board
  • Make a pact with a friend

Breaking up the resolution into small acts of will instead of months of self-control can help spark motivation. Short- term goals are easier to keep and give reason for mini celebrations throughout the journey. Mini goal celebrations to try;

  • Tweet about it
  • Watch a favorite show or movie
  • Start a success journal
  • Track progress in a calendar
  • Use technology

Technology provides many different ways to stay motivated throughout a New Year’s resolution. There are many apps, devices, and phones available to help motivate us to achieve our resolutions through tracking, reminders, or updates. Technology to try;

The Health Promotion office provides Aztecs with resources to develop and maintain health and wellness. Classes, events, and initiatives centered upon the health of the SDSU community help Aztecs to stay motivated about their overall well-being. Initiatives to try;

  • Attend a GYN session
  • Schedule one-on-one nutrition education
  • Book a health education presentation for your student group

Want to know more?

Like SDSU Health Promotion @

Starting soon, a new initiative to provide daily tips about well- being will begin on the SDSU Health Promotion Facebook. Each day focuses on a different health topic and may provide motivation to continue on those 2015 New Year’s resolutions. Be part of the 8% who experience the liberation and pride of succeeding in a New Year’s resolution! #LiveWellAztecs!

Monday- Motor through Mondays

Tuesday- Try it Tuesday

Wednesday- Who Knew Wednesday

Friday- TGIF (Totally Getting into Fitness)

Saturday- Sexy Saturday

Check out our new website:

Samantha Greeney, MPH Candidate
Graduate Health Promotion Intern


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