The Eight Dimensions of Wellness Model

If you are staying active and eating healthy, you are on the right track to being the best version of you. But fitness and nutrition are only part of the puzzle when it comes to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This Eight Dimensions of Wellness Model is a resource to help you take a holistic approach to your health. When you think of yourself holistically, you realize that these dimensions are interconnected and that your well-being involves a balance among these dimensions:



Physical: Caring for your body in order to stay healthy now and in the future; eating well and being active.

Social: Maintaining healthy relationships; enjoying being with others; developing strong friendships and intimate relationships; caring about others and letting others care about you.

Emotional: Managing your emotions in a constructive way; understanding and respecting your own feelings, values and attitudes; appreciating the feelings of others.

Occupational: Developing a sense of your strengths, skills, values and interests for your career; maintaining a balanced life between work, family, play and taking care of yourself.

Multicultural: Being aware of your own cultural background and becoming knowledgeable about, respectful of, and sensitive to the culture of others.

Environmental: Awareness of how your behavior impacts the earth, as well as how the physical world impacts you; demonstrating a commitment to a healthy planet.

Spiritual: Finding purpose, value and meaning in your life with or without organized religion.

Intellectual: Growing intellectually, maintaining a curiosity about all there is to learn; valuing life-long learning and responding positively to intellectual challenges.



The Live Well Aztecs initiative is a partnership of campus resources with the goal of providing programs, services and outreach efforts that educate, support and inspire SDSU students to lead healthy, balanced lives.

SDSU students will benefit from:

  • Centralized coordination of outreach efforts.
  • Enhanced integration of programs and services focused on supporting individual well-being.
  • Fostering a campus culture that supports healthy, balanced lifestyles.
  • Utilizing the Live Well Aztecs brand to enhance awareness and impact of programs, services and outreach efforts at SDSU.

Article by: Tyler Aguilar, Recreation and Wellness Commissioner


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