ENS Feature- Martial Arts and Self-Defense

Martial Arts and Self-Defense SpotlightMA 1

 One of San Diego State’s hidden gems is the martial arts classes offered each semester. With 6 different varieties you are bound to find one that fits your style. Get an Exercise and Nutritional Science unit that works with your schedule; multiple sections of these classes are offered each semester, keeping the class sizes low and interactive. This month the spotlight shines on Woman’s Self-Defense, sorry boys.

With all tMA 3he Crime Alerts that have been going on lately, we highly recommend that students take advantage of these classes.

This semester-long course may start off with a pillow fight but you will soon leave knowing the fundamentals of woman’s safety with your head held high. You leave class with a greater knowledge of self-defense moves. The 50-minute class keeps you moving and grooving with a variety of group and partner exercises the entire time. Did we forget to mention it’s a great work out that will sure kick your butt! (No pun intended)

Don’t have time for another class?
With a group of 10 or more, you are eligible to host a private self-defense class at the location of your choice on campus. In other words, we can bring the class to you! This is great for clubs, sports teams, and Greek organizations. This two and a half hour session will provide you with the skills you need to protect yourself while also being fun, physical, and great for team-building! Come and learn practical skills that could save a life. Contact us today for special group rates!


All About the Instructor John Ramos:

Sensei Ramos, otherwise known as John, started out his lifelong martial arts journey in Maui Hawaii. His love for the sport all started when his father taught him a form of Jiu Jitsu known has Danzan-ryu. This led him to his collegiate wrestling career. He not only studied all the different forms of martial arts, he currently holds a fourth degree black belt in Jiu Jistsu and third degree in Judo. It is safe to say, you are in good hands.

In order to register, similar to any other class, log into your web portal, click on Exercise and Nutritional Sciences you will see the list of sections under ENS 138.


Article by: Jessica Lewis

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