ENS Feature- Rock Climbing

DID YOU KNOW…. Aztec Recreation partners with the SDSU Exercise and Nutritional Sciences (ENS) department every semester to offer over 30 classes worth class credit!? Yes, you read that right it is not too good to be true. So all the activities you ALREADY enjoy doing or ALWAYS wanted to try like surfing, rock climbing, bowling, wake-boarding, hip-hop dancing and many more you can register to take for a 1 unit class. Along with getting credit, you get to build a friendly network of fellow Aztec’s who enjoy doing the same things you do.
Some ENS classes are specifically for beginner, intermediate or advanced level instruction. There are so many of the ENS credit classes you need to look at the SDSU class schedule or your web portal to get an idea of the wide variety of activities offered and times available. There is something for everyone. NEW this year, each month we are going to do a feature on one of the classes. This month’s feature is ROCK CLIMBING!!

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Credit Class Feature:CCCCCC

For physical fitness, fun and, yes, adrenaline, nothing beats rock climbing. Despite its daredevil reputation, rock climbing can be enjoyed safely by any reasonably fit person with proper instruction and equipment.

To an outsider, the culture of climbers might seem elitist and closed; and if not, it’s at least mysterious. There are all those gadgets, all those terms. Lots of climbers tell stories about being intimidated, not by the climbing itself, but by the culture and the technology. All it takes is one day out on the rock wall and, I assure you, any sense of intimidation disappears. Mystery turns to understanding and a new favorite hobby!

EEEEEEBeing an Aztec Recreation member, you get access to take 1 unit credit classes with some of the most funky inspirational teachers. ENS 139 –Beginning Rock Climbing is an 8 week class with optional outdoor climbing field trips. Worried about getting bored of the same old routes? Route setters can move holds easily, creating an endless number of fresh new climbs continually pushing you to your limits. Along with building a new network of friends, this class not only teaches you all the basic information needed to start climbing but may make you fall in love with the sport.



AAAAAAAAOnce you’re hooked on climbing (and YES, we are that certain that you will be) and want to venture out to the outdoors, Aztec Recreation has outings that you can sign up for through Aztec Adventures. Our most popular outdoor climbing adventure is the Joshua Tree trip. Click here to read more.. http://aztecadventures.sdsu.edu/outings.php?trip=4



About the Staff:

Current SDSU student, Forrest Brodsky, lead climbing supervisor, otherwise known as “Big Daddy Red”, is teaching intermediate climbing this fall. Forrest has made a huge impact on the SDSU climbing community and continues to spread his passion for climbing onto all of those he meets.Forrrrrrrest

“My love for climbing I would have to say all started when I bought a pair of used shoes at the Adventure 16 swap meet, the rest was history.” Forrest soon started bouldering at Santee in the summer of 2010. During the
fall of 2010 he grew to love indoor climbing at the wall at the ARC. Eager to get his foot in the door he got hired December 2010. Within weeks of getting hired Forrest’s first project was to innovate the flooring at the ARC Climbing Wall. He, personally did the work of replacing the floor with the red gymnastic flooring currently used today! “The floor was pretty janky before we did it.”

Within one semester he quickly became the lead of the climbing program. “I was TA’ing that spring and the next fall already started teaching my own courses.” Forrest quickly became known as one of the most inspiring instructors at the wall.
Forrest believes that to fully indulge in the climbing experience you have to take it outdoors. “Since I’ve been in the program we’ve been to Holcomb Pinnacle Valley, Joshua Tree, Santee Boulders, and Mission Trails. My personal favorite is Joshua Tree, “Jtree” as we call it.”

Forrest is currently one of four main instructors for the upcoming semesters. Despite his hectic schedule double majoring in ISCOR and Nursing with a minor in studio arts he still finds time to squeeze in time to share his passion for adventure with others.


“My personal success is driven by what makes me happy. Working for Aztec Adventures is not just about making money to get through college but really about sharing the love I have for the outdoors with my fellow Aztec community.”



The rock-climbing world consists of a number of small niches. After completely the ENS Rock climbing class we are certain you will be hooked (no pun intended).


In order to register, similar to any other class, log into your web portal, click on Exercise and Nutritional Sciences and the list of options should appear.


Article by: Reyanne Mustafa

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