Grads! Be Smart and Keep your Low Current Membership Rate!


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Have you ever wondered where you’re going to work out after you graduate? With all the free time that’s going to be opening up in your schedule (time that you used to spend cramming for those midterms, hours writing those tedious research papers, and countless days recovering from lost amounts of sleep) you can now spend at the ARC, bowling at our new Aztec Lanes, taking a dip at the Aquaplex, or any of the other facilities that come embedded within your Aztec Recreation membership- reaching your fitness goals you always wanted to get but instead got bombarded with first priority school work.



Did you know you can keiStock_did you knowep your current low student membership rate here at Aztec Recreation each month. Instead of paying the normal membership rate of $39 a month, you get to KEEP your current LOW student rate. Don’t miss out on your chance to keep these rates the same. No hidden fees no hassles .
Once an Aztec always an Aztec!



Aztec Recreation membership includes:


Article by: Reyanne Mustafa

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