Become a Secret Shopper!

iStock secret shopper 2What is a Secret Shopper you may ask?

The secret shopping program assists Aztec Recreation deliver great customer service in all our facilities: ARC, Aquaplex, ARC Express, Aztec Lanes, MBAC, Tennis, Racquetball and Track.   Every month each one of our secret shoppers receives a scenario to report on.   By the end of the month, the shoppers return the report to the Aztec Recreation marketing office via email.


Do I get paid? How does this work? 

In exchange for participation in our Secret Shopper Program, we provide members with a FREE monthly membership.  Ideally each shopper joins the program from one year and is available to participate in the wide range of activities offered in Aztec Recreation.


We are looking for members who are:

  •    conscientious
  •   objective
  •   observant
  •   good at written communication


If you possess those skills and are interested in joining our team of secret shoppers, please contact Aztec Recreation Sales and Marketing Lead, Blake Pinsker, 619-594-1167.

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