Finding YOUR Road to Wellness



And sleep.. ? That’s a sweet thought now isn’t it? Sadly it becomes a foreign concept with odds better to win the lottery than to get a full 8 hours of rest. How is this possible that just 3 months ago we all promised ourselves we would make this year different? We swore that we were going to cut out fast food, catch up on sleep, and try to lose those extra pounds that are clingier than an ex- STAGE 9 girlfriend lingering on, no matter how much you try to get rid of them.

With all the temptations constantly bombarding us from every angle no wonder it is SO hard to stay on track. From fast food franchisees on campus, the night scene lifestyle, to Fluffy Frappuccinos with caramel and whip cream lurking around the corner- is it really your fault?

We can all vouch that big goals are a lot easier said than done. It takes more than just New Year’s determination mis-food-lables(although that’s a good start).  To get healthy one needs to change their mindset, but most importantly be informed about what IS healthy. There is a lot more to it than just eating right and working out. Now let’s say you have officially made the conscious effort to change your lifestyle and choose healthier foods. When grocery shopping, seeing labels like; “low fat”, “sugar free”, “no artificial flavors”, “made from real fruit”, NO SUGAR cute vitamin gummy bears, “low carb”, “ whole wheat”, “gluten free” (BUT WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GLUTEN REALLY?),  “heart healthy”, “fiber plus”, oh and my all-time favorite: “ALL NATURAL”. All of these sound pretty promising and health friendly right? Again, is it your fault that you haven’t been able to dissect what each of these misleading labels truly mean? No, it’s not. Not yet at least.

Being a nutrition major myself, I CONFESS that staying healthy as a college student is a mission in itself. I plan my stressed-girlmeals for the whole day, I know exactly what my workouts are for the week and how much I am going to push myself, and I plan on being tucked in bed at 10:30pm….. HUH! Now doesn’t that sound like a good little plan, if I kept it?  Balancing all of that with school and two jobs I tend to fall off track some days and I often find myself barely having time to do homework.  This doesn’t mean that I’m justifying eating on the go for convenience and cutting my sleeping hours sipping on that Rock Star Energy drink in order to keep up (although I wish it did sometimes). What this means is that I have to work harder to fit in being healthy, and make sure I know EXACTLY what I am eating. I need to shift my priorities and stop complaining that there are not enough hours in the day.

Now I’m not saying that everyone has to become a nutritionist to be able to be healthy. What I am trying to say is that knowledge is power and the more you know about the foods that are around you, the more you can be aware of what you are consuming, determining if what you are eating is pushing you towards your goals or pulling you back. After all, REAL food is supposed to give you energy which will be helpful to getting us through the busy lifestyle we all seem to burry ourselves in.

Lucky for us we are not completely doomed for failure. We have organizations out here on SDSU’s campus who r2w picare trying to bring awareness to us college students helping us separate fact from fiction. SDSU’s Health Promotion has designed a whole health expo just for this cause. Health Promotion believes that being healthy isn’t just about eating right or working out daily, it’s all different aspects of health. Each year they hold an enormous Health Expo called Road to Wellness to bring all these aspects together for us, but this year’s is going to be different.. You may be asking yourself, “How is it going to be different?” Well with more and more false health trends saturating the market they have decided to bring more experts, new possible job/intern opportunities, more venders, prizes, and more fun.

When I heard about this Expo I was so excited, I decided to sit down with Shantille, one of the head coordinators of this event and ask her a few questions about the Expo itself. What I found most intriguing was the fact that this year’s Expo is supposed to be much different from other previous years. While interviewing, I discovered that regardless if you are an ENS major or not, everyone will benefit from this Expo. It is up to us to make the right choices, but sometimes we need a little help discovering what those choices are. Come join us at the Health Expo and find YOUR Road to Wellness.

Can you give me a background of what Road to Wellness and really describe what it is for all of those who have never been?
“We believe several dimensions of health work together and serve as the roadmap to achieving wellness. How it got its name is as you walk down Centennial Walkway at the Health Expo, think of it as the beginning or continuation of your own wellness journey and explore the variety of vendors representing all aspects of health.”


How did this Health Expo come about? How did it start?
“The Health Expo was created to increase student awareness about wellness-related issues, services, and products while promoting an overall healthy lifestyle. The goal is to inspire students to live more healthful lifestyles by introducing them to healthy options and information that is offered on campus and around the community. Currently we have over 50 on- and off-campus health-focused organizations coming to promote total college health!


What is so special about this year’s expo as compared to last?
“This year Students for Healthy Living and Health Promotion partnered with other student organizations to bring more attractions to the Health Expo. Through collaboration with HeadSTRONG, Kerry Tepedino, a holistic health expert, will be the keynote speaker for the Expo.  She will speak about mastering your mindset to change the direction of your health, nutrition and fitness myths that are keeping you from feeling great in your body and mind, and how to get healthy on a budget with a busy schedule. Students for Healthy Living is also partnering with the Graduate School of Public Health Student Council and San Diego Blood Bank to have a Blood Drive on Aztec Walkway during the Expo. Additionally, networking opportunities will be available with off campus vendors. Free samples of nutritional foods, like Suja Juice, will be available. Finally, the culminating walk of StepMore SDSU will occur at the Expo. “


Why should people attend? What are the biggest benefits they will get out of coming?
“The event will include information regarding nutrition, sexual health, alcohol & other drugs, body image, relationship violence, and stress tailored toward a college student lifestyle. We hope to introduce students to affordable wellness tools to increase their ability to live a more healthful lifestyle and encourage healthier lifestyle choices! San Diego has so many resources available; students just need to be more aware of them. The Health Expo makes this easy by bringing the resources to the students!


What major improvements have we made to this year’s expo?
Word around the street is there is going to be awesome networking and possible job opportunities this year, could you explain that?
“For the first time, we are encouraging students to bring their resume and embrace the Expo as a networking opportunity. Vendors are encouraged to seek internship candidates and promote their company as an opportunity for students to gain experience in the health field.”

By: Reyanne Mustafa

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