Step More SDSU- Walking is the New Running

Similarly to what Dory in Finding Nemo once stated, we believe you should, “Just keep walking, just keep walking. Just keep walking, walking, walking.”

You walk everyday anyway, why not learn how to estimate the calories and count it as part of your workout? Be a part of SDSU’s Step More Program! Learn how to increase your daily activity through walking. This program is a combination of bringing students, faculty, and staff together through walking and building the necessary skills required to carry out and sustain a healthier lifestyle. SDSU Step More encourages members to strive for more steps per day providing a feasible way of tracking progress and the tools necessary.

Join SDSU’s Step More Program to learn how.

  1. Sign-up at the ARC membership desk till Friday March 7th at 12 PM. You do not have to be a member to join. Everyone is welcome.
  2. Upon sign-up you will receive Step Counting Log and a free Pedometer.
  3. Start to step more by wearing your pedometer and tracking your results.
  4. Join weekly walking groups for on and off campus group walks.
stepmore_FINAL (1) j_Page_1
Goals and objectives


Preview of step counting log
Preview of step counting log

By: Reyanne Mustafa

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