Wellness Workshops: Catch Stress Before it Starts

Wellness Workshops Image Mental health is an extremely important variable to being successful in school as well as life down the line! With the overwhelming pressures of midterms looming ahead, many students become stressed, which only hurts them more in the end; stress has been proven to have physical drawbacks such as headaches, chest pain, upset stomachs, and insomnia.

Take advantage of one of the many free counseling classes offered to SDSU students to help manage stress. Mindfulness Meditation Plus is held on Wednesdays from 2:30 – 4:00pm, and is facilitated by Linda Diane Smith, Ph.D. This free weekly class practices ancient techniques for training the mind taught using the Eastern traditions of Vipassana (insight meditation), Zen, and Tibetan Buddhism. This course also blends current Western psychological approaches for training focused attention with these ancient techniques, giving students the best of both worlds to effectively develop improved concentration. These methods are all designed to quiet the mind while simultaneously refining mental alertness. Students will find that this class is particularly helpful in dealing with anxiety, depression, and attention problems that may be affecting their ability to learn. These methods will also increase clarity in your daily life and relationships.

Please call 594-4386 for a consultation.

Studies show that many students can benefit from group counseling, and SDSU Counseling and Psychological Services offers a wide array of other free group counseling classes in fall 2013 as well.

Along with Mindfulness Mediation Plus, these classes are also offered:

  • Healthy Emotional Living
  • C.O.P.E. – Cultivating Optimal Personal Experiences
  • Mindful Relationships
  • Transfer Student Support Group
  • Mindfulness Meditation Plus
  • Living with Loss
  • Alcoholics Anonymous, SDSU Student Meeting

Of course, don’t forget that regular exercise and yoga are also great tools for reducing stress. Even if you have not been to a class all semester, you are welcome to participate in any of over 60 classes on the ARC Group Fitness schedule.  http://arc.sdsu.edu/groupfitness/

For more information on each class, as well as dates and times, please see the SDSU Counseling and Psychological Services website at: http://www.sa.sdsu.edu/cps/groups-workshops.html

By: Kayla Heaviside

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