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You may have seen your fellow ARC members working out with the black and yellow strap contraption, but there are an infinite number of ways to use it and get an amazing workout. This piece of functional training equipment is called the TRX Suspension Trainer and it allows you to work on all major muscle groups and many major areas of muscular fitness (strength, endurance, stability, and mobility).

The TRX gives you a total body workout with minimal equipment because it uses your own body weight. This allows one to adjust the difficulty of any exercise, simply by walking closer to or further away from the anchor point, so it is a great piece of equipment for people of all fitness levels.

You can use TRX to:
• Gain mobility and flexibility
• Recover from a variety of injuries
• Build muscle
• Increase total body strength
• Stimulate metabolism
• Improve muscle coordination

It’s important to add variety to your workouts, so try out a new TRX exercise this week! The Group Fitness Studio and the stretching mat area of the ARC both have TRX wall mounts to perform these exercises. The Group Fitness Studio is open to members any time between scheduled classes, and you can check out a TRX from the front desk at any time of day using your I.D.

Get some ideas and inspiration from any of the TRX videos posted on their official website:

By: Kayla Heaviside

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