You should know – Prop 37

Do your part and vote in the upcoming elections this November!

This November, Californians will be participating in perhaps the biggest food fight in history – the fight between out-of-state corporations and consumers wanting to know if their food is genetically modified or not. Proposition 37 will be on the California ballots this November, and if it passes, it will require all genetically engineered foods to have a label explaining this to consumers. It will also prohibit producers from labeling genetically modified foods as “natural”.

Opposition to Prop 37 argues that if it passes, it could increase the cost of everyday groceries for all consumers throughout California. The new required labels that Prop 37 would implement would cause all food companies to get a new labeling and packaging design. Prop 37 has been called a “hidden food tax” because it could increase food cost due to the increase in the manufacturing of foods.

Support for Prop 37 comes from a variety of companies and consumers alike, who are demanding the right to know what is in their food. Over forty countries throughout the world already have similar laws in place that require producers to label genetically modified foods as such. Many consumers are concerned at the lack of information available on their everyday food choices, since the majority of foods we eat today contain genetically modified organisms, yet there has been very little testing done of the long-term effects of GMOs on the human body.

Be sure to participate in the elections this November and make your voice -as both a citizen and a consumer – heard and respected! Not registered? Register NOW ONLINE! 

By: Kayla Heaviside

9 thoughts on “You should know – Prop 37

  1. Nearly 50 countries require labels on Genetically Engineered food (GMOs), and many of these also have severe restrictions or bans against GMO food production or sale. Countries with mandatory labeling include Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, Russia and all of the countries in the European Union. Some of the countries with severe restrictions or bans against GMO food production or sale are Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Ireland, the Philippines, Australia, Peru and Japan. What do they know that we don’t?

    The U.S. and Canada are two of the only developed nations in the world without GMO labeling (for political not scientific reasons). The biotech and food industry supports labeling of GMOs in other parts of the world but not in America. What are they hiding from us? We deserve to know and have the same level of protection and information as citizens in other nations around the world! VOTE YES on PROP 37 to demand this right to know what’s in the food we buy in California.

    PROPOSITION 37 (The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act) is a common sense initiative that would require non exempt foods and beverages sold in California retail stores to be labeled if they are produced with Genetic Engineering or contain Genetically Engineered ingredients. The initiative simply requires that a notation be added either on the front or back package stating that the food is “Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering”, or “May be Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering”. For whole foods that are not packaged, such as sweet corn or fresh fish, store shelves would be required to post a sign or label stating the phrase “Genetically Engineered”. In addition to this disclosure, Genetically Engineered foods would be prohibited from being advertised as ‘Natural’. This makes sense since Genetically Engineered food by definition of their creators is not natural.

    Packaged foods already have labels showing nutrition, allergy information and other facts consumers want to know. Contrary to the misrepresentations of our greedy corporate opponents, PROP 37 is easy to comply with and does not create new bureaucracies, force manufactures to change ingredients or ban the use of genetic engineering. Independent, unbiased studies show PROP 37 will not add cost to farmers, manufacturers or consumers.

    Don’t believe the crafty deception from Monsanto and the other chemical and junk food companies who oppose PROP 37 for financial reasons . . . get the facts about Prop 37 and read the proposed law yourself at .

    It’s simple . . . You have a Right To Know what’s in your food!

  2. Studies from Emory University have shown that there will be no cost increase in the price of food. Instead of relying on bogus propaganda from Monsanto, please do some research before writing. A recent study in France showed rats fed GMO corn developed grotesque tumors and died earlier than the control group. I hope this initiative passes, and allows us to know what is in our food.

  3. This is an amazing opportunity for SDSU Students to get involved by voting and/or participating in the Yes on 37 Campaign. Many of you may be planning to start families (or already have families). When I look at this issue, I think this is of utmost importance for the next generation. Your children (current and future) are depending on you to provide them nutrious, healthy food so they can grow into their full potential. As mothers and father, you want to know what your babies are eating.

  4. A growing body of evidence suggests GMO’s pose a threat to our health and environment. Congress will never act because of the lobbying power of the pesticide, agribusiness and junk food industries. The time for waiting is over.

    Opponents have raised $34.4 million to date – nearly ten times the amount of Right to Know advocates. The majority of that money has come from the six largest pesticide corporations in the world – with its largest contributors being Monsanto ($7.2 million) and Dupont ($4.9 million) – the same companies that told us Agent Orange and DDT were safe. Now they’re telling us GMOs are safe too.

    Epitomizing this David vs. Goliath battle, Prop 37 was put on the ballot by a volunteer army of concerned Californians that gathered nearly one million signatures in just 10 weeks. The initiative was written by a group of industry, science and health experts.

    It’s a simple label – as is required for 3000 other ingredients. Vote Yes on 37!

  5. The giant chemical companies against prop 37 have spent over $30 million to keep us from knowing our food. Their commercials say it is a confusing complicated issue that should be handled by the federal Gov’t. It however is neither complicated or confusing: we must have the right to know what is in our food.

    Food labeling is already a fact of life and the addition of the GMO label is just a tiny bit more ink that will give both republicans and democrats alike the opportunity to choose what they put into their mouths. In light of France’s recently published GMO research study followed by their ban of GMO’s, we should all be paying attention to this. Cindy Fuchser RN, SDSU

  6. The two modifications made to most genetically modified foods are 1. the insertion of a gene from bacillus thuringiensis into food that make the Bt-toxin that kills insects by destroying their stomach when they eat the food, but this toxin can also put holes in our stomach and gut when we eat the food, and 2. the modification of the food to grow without metal nutrients so it will grow in ground sprayed with glyphosate. [i.e. RoundUp Ready] The problem is that RoundUp Ready foods are deficient in essential metal nutrients. Chromium is needed to activate insulin so we can metabolize sugars and starches. Without an intake of chromium, we become insulin resistant which is type 2 diabetes. Organic and non-GMO foods have the minerals needed to keep us healthy. RoundUp Ready foods do not. RoundUp Ready foods lack sufficient copper, chromium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, iron, and vanadium needed to keep all our organs functioning. When our immune system is not healthy, it cannot protect us from many diseases including cancer. I do recommend that you see the video “Genetic Roulette Movie”. [Google it!]

  7. I urge everyone to stand up for their right to know what’s in their food and Vote Yes on Prop. 37. The well-funded opposition is dispensing disinformation such as the notion that only a small “fanatic” minority objects to Genetically Engineered (GE) foods. A recent Mellman Group poll found that 90% of mothers and 88% of fathers favor mandatory labeling of GE foods. More than 50 countries have banned or restricted GE foods for good reason. Significant adverse health effects including allergies and reproductive and digestive tract disorders have been reported in humans and animals after just 14 days of consuming Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). GE seeds are not sold alone but are bundled with sales of pesticides made by the same corporations that are genetically engineering food crops. The planting of GE crops has increased US herbicide use by more than one-half billion pounds in 16 years. Monsanto is the worst of the biotech bunch. The FDA and USDA have abrogated their responsibility to determine the safety of GE crops due in part to corporate henchmen such as Michael Taylor, former Monsanto VP, recently promoted from US Food Safety Czar to Senior Advisor to the Commissioner of the FDA.

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