Outdoor Bootcamp

Move your workouts outdoors this summer!
Challenging yourself with a creative workout in our new Outdoor Bootcamp is “a great morning experience and it’s a great way to kick-start the weekend,” said Eboni Price, an arc member since 2009. ARC has added a weekly Outdoor Bootcamp to its list of free group fitness classes open to all members!

Outdoor Bootcamp is held on Saturday mornings at 9:00, giving participants all of the benefits of starting their day off with an invigorating workout. Research shows that people who exercise in the morning:
• Have more energy
• Keep a consistent workout routine
• Sleep better at night
• Eat healthier
• And are often in a better mood than those who don’t begin their day with a workout

The Outdoor Bootcamp class is a high intensity workout that incorporates multiple total body exercises using resistance bands and body weight. Bootcamps are designed to increase your physical potential by pushing you to the next level!

Through varied physical exercises using different equipment than you would inside a gym, you are able to increase your body’s metabolic rate while keeping your workouts fresh and dynamic. You can then incorporate these new exercises into your daily workout routine so you will never get bored! Besides adding variety to your workout, bootcamps are also beneficial in many other ways, including:
• Increasing your metabolic rate – allowing for a more rapid and positive change in your physique
• Increasing your post-exercise caloric consumption – allowing your body to continue burning fat and calories all day long
• Granting you access to a greater source of fresh air – fresh air strengthens your immune system, cleans your lungs, and increases your energy level
• Giving you exposure to natural sunlight – our bodies need natural sunlight for vitamin D to keep our bones strong and healthy.

This class will push you to your limit as you bear crawl across the grass on the west side of Viejas Arena and then jump over the wall next to the bus loop, before you continue boosting your aerobic fitness with a combination of stairs and circuits.

Not only will this outdoor bootcamp class give you a challenging and exhilarating workout, but moving your workout outdoors also grants you psychological, emotional and mental benefits as well! Exercising outdoors allows many different options, which increases your mental stimulation because your workout is constantly changing.

Des’Jon Dixon, who has also been an ARC member since 2009, explained how much he enjoyed the outdoor bootcamp class because it was an extension to the indoor bootcamp class he regularly attends. “I really enjoyed the fresh air and the awesome workout routines,” said Dixon.

Bootcamps are also socially interactive, which leads to team building and more exposure to completing your fitness goals because you will be working with others. When people come together for common fitness goals, they build a strong support system where they can work together each week to push each other during workouts, allowing them to actually enjoy themselves while sweating and burning calories. If you’re looking for a fun and challenging workout, come out and join us this Saturday at 9:00!

By: Kayla Heaviside

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