New Aztec Bike Rental Program

Associated Students is excited to offer a new “Aztec Bike” rental program at SDSU. This new bike rental program allows SDSU students, faculty, and staff to rent one of ten beach-cruiser-style bikes for a one-month period. The program is also designed to:

a) Develop an affordable form of transportation for those without a car;
b) Improve health and well-being of users in a convenient-to-use format;
c) Reduce parking congestion and decrease pollution by encouraging bicycling as an alternative mode of transportation;
d) Encourage safer bike riding by distributing safe bike riding tips;
e) Assist the ARC in gaining LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for increasing access to more environmentally sustainable forms of transportation.

Just follow these five easy steps:

1) Checkout: Visit the Aztec Recreation Center (ARC) on the first of the month to complete an application. There will be a limited number of 3-speed and unisex versions, and some bikes will be available with front baskets.
2) Pay: The cost of renting a bike through this program will be $30/month for active ARC members and $35/month for non-members. You’ll also need a SDSU Red ID card w/picture, a valid driver’s license and a valid credit card (to be used as a deposit if the bike is not returned, lost or stolen) at time of checkout.
3) Ride: Please keep bicycles on designated SDSU bike paths and use bike racks to lock bikes when they are not in use. Please obey all applicable traffic laws and appropriate bike regulations.
4) Secure: A u-lock and a key are provided at check-out with every bike. Riders are responsible for their own safety and are encouraged to wear a helmet.
5) Return: The rental bike should be returned to the ARC by the 28th of the month.
Please remember the safety and security of the Aztec Bike and the safety of the rider is the user’s responsibility.

For more information, contact ARC Member Services at (619) 594-PLAY.

The Aztec Bike Rental Program is made possible by SDSU’s Green Love Board and Aztec Recreation.

One thought on “New Aztec Bike Rental Program

  1. As a cycling activist, I am certainly excited by this new program! I think it would also be helpful to offer a bike safety and etiquette class to persons renting these bikes. So often do I encounter students biking against traffic in the bike lane–very dangerous for them as well as the cyclists traveling with traffic in the same bike lane. There are also those who bike on the sidewalks, which, I imagine is due to their being insecure about riding in the street. I’d love to help organize something like that. Feel free to contact me:

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