TRX Training Video

Curious about the black and yellow contraption you have seen your fellow gym-goers use? The TRX suspension trainer has become popular in recent years as a versatile piece of functional training equipment. It was originally developed by a former Navy Seal in response to the demand for a total body workout with minimal equipment. The TRX allows you to work on all major muscle groups and many major areas of muscular fitness (strength, endurance, stability, and mobility). The TRX suspension trainer uses your own bodyweight to give you a very effective workout in a short amount of time. The great thing about the TRX suspension trainer is that you can train every single muscle in your body. Not only is it ideal for getting stronger and leaner, it is very useful for developing flexibility and core strength. Whether you are doing a leg or back exercise using the TRX, you are working your core at the same time. Because you use your own bodyweight, you can adjust the difficulty of any exercise by walking closer to or further away from the anchor point so it is a great tool for everyone from beginners to pro athletes.

The TRX is fun and versatile, so incorporate it into your current routine or do your entire workout just using the TRX. Variety is an important aspect of any training program, so the TRX is a perfect way to switch up your training routine. The Group Fitness Studio and the stretching mat area of the ARC both have TRX wall mounts to perform these exercises. The Group Fitness Studio is open to members any time between scheduled classes, and you can check out a TRX from the front desk at any time of day using your I.D.

Watch this video to learn how to perform four exercises that train the entire body. Beginners should start with one set per exercise and work up to three sets as they become more advanced. An appropriate range for beginners is between 10-15 repetitions per set of each exercise. It’s okay to stop a set if proper form and technique begin to fail. If you need more personalized instruction, you can schedule a session with an ARC personal trainer.

By: Evelyne Lambrecht and Sarak Kirtland

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