Intramural Fall 2011 Season

The first season of Intramural Sports has come to an end, and the ARC would like to call attention to the winners. Congratulations to the Goon Squad, Top Notch, Oceans 13, SDSU HBSA, Gamma Phi Beta, Web Gems, Phi Kappa Theta, Rough Sets and Nasty Knights!

Each team participating in Intramurals is guaranteed four games in a regular season, and then depending on their overall record after those four games they may qualify for the playoffs. Playoffs last one week, and if teams keep winning they could get 2-3 playoff games and then a championship game. So the nine champions previously mentioned probably played six or seven games total over the course of six weeks.

Games vary in length, but are typically an hour long. Participants must be a member of the ARC or be purchasing day passes on each game day. The majority of our participants are SDSU students, but we also get some staff, faculty, alumni and community members wanting to stay active in our leagues.

The championship games for the second season of Intramural Sports will be held December 5-8th. Outdoor soccer, basketball, fraternity flag football and dodgeball teams will be competing, so do not miss out on the opportunity to cheer on your friends and fellow Aztecs!

Please contact membership services to find out where the championship games will be held, 619-594-PLAY.

Written by: Andrew Reddish and Leila Seed

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